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Thread: How Tech Tools Transformed New York's Sex Trade

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    How Tech Tools Transformed New York's Sex Trade

    How Tech Tools Transformed New York's Sex Trade

    Interesting article, looks like Craigslist was in decline already and high-end escorts are using Facebook.

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    The article says that SPs carry extra panties as souveniers for clients. Is this true? I've never been offered a pair of souvenier panties (and I've never asked either). Does anyone have experience receiving souvenier panties from a Montreal SP?

    Also, do gentleman really prefer blondes (even fake ones), as the article suggests? Why would dyed blonde hair increase revenue? Personally, I prefer dark hair and tend not to like hair that obviously looks like it was dyed. To pull-off blonde hair, you've got to have the face and skin tone for it, and a lot of fake blondes don't. My advice: whether it's boobs or hair color, work with what you've got and don't try to change it.

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    No I've neither been offered, nor do I want any. They won't fit me and I'd have to have that string thing off to one side so it doesn't tickle my ass crack. Too much information? Sorry. I love to look at women in their underwear, just before they take them off.:
    Natural hair and boobs, I agree.
    Would it be wrong to try to pay a lady with fake hair and fake boobs with fake money? I suppose it would. Just thinking here...Probably ought to let those thoughts go.
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    If you want souvenir panties, why don't you bring two pairs with for her to wear for you and then donate afterward, and a pair for her to take home as a present?

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    pinkworm, thanks for posting that... a fun read! Strange as it sounds, I can judge fairly accurately the caliber of a lady by the coat, cell and shoes she walk in with.

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    It is an interesting read, but it doesn't really capture the "upper-end" market that he purports to have studied. He focuses on the $150 - $200 girl that advertises on Craiglist, who is apparently and unfortunately beaten twice a year (as opposed to four times a year). He apparently includes a few $2,000 an hour girls to round out his study. He ignores the primary escort market in the U.S., which are independents working in the $300 - $500 range. They also use cellphones too, but when I have seen them rummaging through their purses. I am yet to see a knife. This guy is associated with the Freakonomics guys and he studied streetwalkers and gangs for them. He doesn't have a lot of interest in the upper-middle class U.S. escort scene. The U.S. media has to sensationalize everything, and a story that doesn't involve the barely-above-streetwalker scene and/or ridiculously overpriced girls just doesn't get enough interest.

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