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Thread: Bargain your internet cost down - $35.90 per month 7 mgbs speed - 30 gig / mo. usage.

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    Bargain your internet cost down - $35.90 per month 7 mgbs speed - 30 gig / mo. usage.

    I just bargained my internet service down. I called trhe Bell Business office and asked them if I had any obligation to continue, they said the contract had expired.
    I asked them to cancel my service, they asked why. I told them I had a better deal. Thats when they sent me to the special retention office. They offered me the price of $35.90 a month for 7 mbps speed with 30 gigs usage + antivirus. I played them like a fish. When you threaten to cancel, they will give you the best deal possible. Internet service all comes from bell no matter who your ISP is ( unless it is cable from Videotron ) Know the price before you bargain with Bell, its like playing poker and seeing the other guys cards.

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    I can't get over how good of a deal you can get when you threaten to cancel. It seems to me that if they can offer such a good deal when you threaten to leave, then they could have offered it before you threaten to leave. I know they make the most money when the customer pays full price, and another sucker will soon come along, and replace the one that just left. I was offered a special deal to stay with one U.S. cell phone carrier when I threatened to leave. After telling them they should have offered that deal before my contract was up, I switched, but I got equally bad service, at little lower price, so I guess I was the winner. You have to go through the contract period to get a better deal.
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    I just called, I told the the above deal and they said they will match it. I did not take it yet, I will try to get even better than that. The worse thing that can happen is I take the deal offered.

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    You guys might want to take a look at « VIF Internet ». If you pay for a full year, it comes down to $26.95 per month (+ taxes). At 5 Mbps, download speed is not as fast. On the other hand, there is NO limit. Apparently, they will switch you to their secondary server (which is significantly slower), if you go over 100GB within one month…

    They did drop usegroups (usenet) a couple years ago which really got my blood boiling! Still, those prices are pretty hard to beat.

    By the way, I don’t work for them.

    I believe that « AEI Internet » also offers competitive prices.

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    I called and got the 35.90 from Bell, it seems to be their rock bottom price. I did get an extra 3 months free to sign up.

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    Stay away from VIF. They have serious quality issue and just don't give a shit.

    My service inexplicably go down a few time a week and they say there is nothing wrong. VIF servers sometimes go down totally and they deny it. I even asked a buddy who is on Vidéotron to go to the VIF web page and he could not go in. This indicate the problem is not with my connection, it is at VIF.

    They sent Bell to check the line (I have a dry loop) and the Bell tech said my modem was defective and too old. VIF refused to argue with Bell even if VIF could not explain why my modem was only defective and too old a few times per week and good the reminder of the time. They could not explain why the problem was still there even if I swapped my modem but they still maintained the modem was the problem. I run line diagnostics from the modem and see a mediocre loop quality but VIF refises to force Bell to replace it.

    Often, between 11:00pm and 12:00am, the speed drops to less than a 56k modem. VIF still say all is good and refuse to investigate. I suggested they ship me a modem they know is good to test and if the problem was solved, they could bill me the modem. They never replied even if I am with them for over 10 years.

    I ask about IP phone and what would happen with such an unreliable connection. The answer was "Our IP phone service is not the same as Vidéotron and does use the internet. We can't guarantee the reliability of the service." No mention of that when they try to sell it to you on the web site. They market it to be equivalent to Bell/Videotron phone.

    So, when my year is over, I am going with Vidéotron. This is the only way to get rid of the noisy ADSL loops and poor VIF support.

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    Anyone hear about the new "Fibe" service from Bell? What's that all about?

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    You guys should check Oricom Internet, I used to be with VIF, that was quite good but like he said the connection was kind of seldom...anyway. I only pay 35 $ (dry loop inclued, 1-yr contract, 2Mbs, 20Gig/month) tax inclued, I didn't found anywhere else with a lower cost, amazing :O
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    Hi guy!
    I find my internet videotron cable bill became more and more expensive : 30Go 79.45+tax by month. I should pay more if I have excess. What do you think that and what do you advice to me?


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