You hesitate for only a moment, a little flutter of nervousness passes through you as you contemplate what lies on the other side of the door.
For those that I have met before you will feel a sense of relief as the door opens and the anticipation comes to an end, all the curiosity you held as to what pleasures our next date would bring is gone the minute you see the tall slender blonde before you. If we are meeting for the first time you may be nervous about who you are about to meet, what to expect, what the next few hours will hold but the anticipation, the flirting, the tease, the intimacy that we have developed over the last few days makes it exciting; you smile like a school boy as you wait for what feels like the longest five seconds of your life at my hotel room door.

If you'd like to explore the opportunities please contact me, I am happy to arrange dates for Feb. 12-21 or early March.
I am a Toronto based companion and entertain both incalls and outcalls throughout the Greater Toronto Area.
Though I would like to accomodate same day appointments my schedule generally doesn't permit it as such I would appreciate 24hrs. notice for date requests.

I am also available for travel should you be interested in my visiting your city. Please note I do require a deposit for all travel dates however I am happy to make all arrangements for travel with a min. of a 4-6hr date.

For additional information please visit my website or contact me via email.

[email protected]