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Thread: Kudos to Le Berger Blanc

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    Kudos to Le Berger Blanc

    Yesterday, I was in downtown Montreal near my workplace, planning to spend some hours catching up on the previous week's workload. I parked on de Maisonneuve St., and before i step out of the car see something scurrying on the sidewalk. I see some passersby looking at whatever it was but moving on. I pay the parcometer and step closer to see a small shivering cat all hunched into a corner.

    The poor animal looked terrified, hungry, and trembling from the sub-zero temperatures. It was either lost (really lost, I was in the downtown area with the closest house at least 20 blocks away), or likely abandoned. I already have too many pets at my home to take in this poor creature, and there was no way I'd send it to the SPCA for an almost-automatic euthanasia.

    I remembered Le Berger Blanc from a conversation I'd had with a relative who is also a veteranarian, and called them right away for help. Their roving vehicle was booked solid with emergencies for the rest of the day, so I had to bring it myself to their HQ in RDP.

    I met the ladies who worked the weekend shift and after taking in my poor little orphan and feeding it (but carefully, since it hadn't eaten in days), they showed me around their clinic. It's almost heartbreaking, the rows of dogs and cats so ready to become part of a family.

    The two ladies told me of the efforts to care, feed, and get adopted all of those animals. They succeed every so often, making what they do worthwhile.

    I made a contribution to their efforts. i plan to encourage some friends and family to do the same.

    If any of you can as well, well done. If you can't but you have some animals at home...please love and care for them...
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    I commend you for what you did. Many people would probably have left the cat there (probably to freeze to death or worse). You did real good! Glad to see that some people still have a heart.
    In a few months, after my move, I think I will go there and adopt a cat. Seems cheaper than the SPCA and is still a good place to support.

    Thanks for the info and for saving that cat.

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    Who said we're all no-class dirty perverts? IHMO, you did something real nice and human. From a tv documentary, I recall Toronto has something like 5000 feral cats, but I don't know for Montreal. In that documentary, the animal services agent said that it is impossible to do save all and every animal, but at least it is a big one you took for the team. Even if they need to go with euthanasia on him, at least it would have a more respectful and quiet end. Everybody knows the street is tough, some animals are born to live/survive in the street, but your cat defintely wasn't on the right track to win. At the worse, you give him the chance to stop sufferings/pain and at the best, you maybe give him the second chance he needed to restart his life and be happy in a warm home. On my side, I adopted my cat from the local shelter back home.I am so happy to have adopted and share my live with her, but also to give her a second chance in life.
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    Good work shijak!

    There are many thousands of feral cats in our city, and they need our help, especially during the winter.

    Also good to see that Merbites have an caring heart for all pussy!

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    I am not concerned by this (Le Berger Blanc) but sometimes another side of the story is good to know.
    By the way,Good work shijak!

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