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Thread: ~*~ New and Unique at Le Notre Dame !!! ~*~ 514.798.2919

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    Thumbs up ~*~ New and Unique at Le Notre Dame !!! ~*~ 514.798.2919


    Ive been trying to come up with something different to reward all of you
    and I think ive finally come up with something worth your while (other than a fidelity card)

    Heres how it goes…

    For all of LND's regular guests ( deemed a regular guest by either the receptionists or myself )
    Should you like to refer a fellow hobbyist, a complimentary 45m session will be given to you as a token of our appreciation
    Always at your convenience and with the LND hottie of your choice!

    What do you think?
    Of course I am always open to your suggestions and any other special twists you can come up with…;-)

    Just a little way for us to thank you for being such great supporters of LND.
    Looking forward to your feedback
    Le Notre Dame
    1418 Notre Dame W ~ 514.798.2919

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    Hi all

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