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Thread: i am looking for a high class restaurant in mtl

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    i am looking for a high class restaurant in mtl

    with: oysters
    best vodkas
    cutest waitresses

    Please help!


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    Quote Originally Posted by wimbledon View Post
    with: oysters
    best vodkas
    cutest waitresses
    Rumples might be able to help you.

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    Restaurant Garde-Manger 408, St-François Xavier is your best bet. Gibby's has everything except cute waitresses.

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    Vargas and Queue de Cheval are great options, the latter might cause u to default on your mortgage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    Rumples might be able to help you.
    I resemble that remark. Actually, I don't do high class. Primarily ethnic and NEVER downtown where the restos are overpriced and overrated.

    The closest I'll ever get to high class is Lemeac on Laurier on Mile End, but I think he's looking for something more pretentious than that.
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    High class restaurants would include Queue De Cheval, Milos, 40 West (West island of Montreal) maybe Fererra and few others that serve sea food (Too many to name all)...BUT, most probably you will be served by "Cute" waiters...LOL

    Now...if your priority is cutest have to add to the list, Cavali's, Primaddona and Houston's, North of Montreal. (Not necessarily "High Class").

    Quote Originally Posted by Lovemaker View Post
    Vargas and Queue de Cheval* are great options, the latter might cause u to default on your mortgage
    *Don't know about mortgage...but for sure it will cost you enough for 3 SPs or a multiple hours
    encounter...but the lobsters are excellent (Along with Milos, the biggest ones in town).

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    montreal or costa rica baby
    If you want a decent priced classy place..?
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    Looking for a high class restaurant?

    Ask a high class companion !!

    The ladies from FKS would be a start.

    BTW great food and cute waitresses are rarely compatible, except in Hollywood and Vegas.
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    There is a very classy seafood restaurant on Notre Dame in Old Montreal.....I forget the name of it but it's in the same building and space where the old Chez Delmo used to be. I have only been there years ago when it was still Chez Delmo, and not at the new place but on my last trip to Montreal I stopped by and looked at the menu and it's a very expensive, foofy seafood and pasta restaurant. Can one of you locals help me out on the name? Cloudsurf?

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    How about ?

    As for cute waitresses there's plenty in a couple strip clubs nearby.

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    how about Cavalie on peel the best looking and hot girls grate atomesphere and really nice resturant.

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    thanks guys!
    somebody told me rosalie on de la montagne: what do u guys think of that resto?
    queue de cheval Ok but not hot resto too classy and waiters++ more than waitresses
    i am looking for a young crowd maybe cavali...

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    wimbledon, your list is practically impossible in MTL. Those requirements are almost mutually exclusive.

    U will have to either
    A) Go to a seafood place or a resto that quasi specializes in seafood (Au Pied de Cochon - rustic feel, mainly male wait staff, but great food, don't think they do lobster but ask them!)

    B) Go to a Lounge for Vodka + Hot Waitresses: agree with Ristorante Cavalli ... the food part you might wanna skip, more for drinks and atmosphere.

    I'd suggest a good resto: Bar & Boeuf (or b + b)... fine dining with fusion flav's, young female waitresses (seems like they're all around 20yo) + lounge-like interior with several seating areas depending on mood, the sommelier we've had is young but knows his wines + pairing with meals, company, close to W hotel, InterCont., Houston's bar, Holder resto (in case you need a plan B resto).

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    Pied de cochon had lobster the last time I visited and also cute staff. It is not the best spot for intimacy, it is noizy, it is a place to party.
    There is a new resto that is frequented by Montreal High Class restaurant staff that has a nice ambiant and great great food, it is called DNA. I was told that it is impeccable by people who have seen it all when it comes to food and resto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10-4Roger View Post
    Would be a good place for the next GT .
    Prefer when I don't have to go out... to get to my room.

    Is there any hotel on top of this resto-lounge ?

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