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Thread: Top 10 Escort Marketing Mistakes

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    Top 10 Escort Marketing Mistakes

    Not according to me, but according to an escort who calls herself Erin Ann Myer. Disclaimer/warning: this is part of a series of pages that try to sell you her book on escorting. I am not shilling for her book but I did think this top 10 list of hers is interesting, provocative and provides an alternate perspective on marketing from the eyes of the indy escort.

    This is also a perspective on how to market that may be a little different than perceived by the average client. #2, for example, is sure to leave an unpleasant taste in the mouths of some, but I should remind everyone that if they don't have a Yahoo or Gmail address set up specifically and exclusively for hobbying activities, they are morons.
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    Will definelty read all of it later but to all 10 tittles, there is a yes that first comes up to my mind.

    Interesting indeed.
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    Seems there is room for rule number 11. It always seems to be the elephant in the room. It is generally responsible for a large proportion of negative reviews:


    Rationale: This is the key to catering to the needs of any client. Be also clear on a policy of total refund (with the exception of abusive behaviour or poor hygiene) should an escort refuse a service at any time during the encounter and that it is the escort`s right to do so. No escort should have to tolerate abuse or poor hygiene. An extreme lack of chemistry (i.e. the client looks like the reincarnation of Quasimodo to the point of compromising her ability to complete the assignment satisfactorily) should be determined at the introductory stage. Some escorts also may have issues with older clients or race etc.

    GFE means GFE.(Includes , DFK and connection) DFK means DFK etc. State clearly if an escort is YMMV.
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    Some of the list are either directly applicable or at the least generate ideas which could prove useful in selling more pedestrian offerings. Thank you, EB for helping to increase my hobbying budget.

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    I like Roy's comment

    "Roy on October 2nd, 2008
    Great tips. I work with women in their late 30’s to late 40’s all making $400 to $750 per hour and all with 90 min to 2.5 hour minimums. One of their biggest mistakes was thinking because they were older they should charge less. The gift you are giving these men is worth more than you realize. Don’t short change yourself. Do away with short dates unless that’s something you really do want"

    Some old handbag that wants 400$-750$ per hour with a 90 minute minimum can go fuck themselves. I'll stick to the 18-26 y.o. crowd and pay 100$-250$/GFE hour for a single hour visit.

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    Great read EagerBeaver! That's really good business advice for the ladies...

    I especially love #5
    Number 5
    Bad Photography: Slutty Vulgar Images That Do Not Attract Good Clientele
    QoS is guilty of this and many of the women working for them love their glossy QoS profile photos but they really don't understand that men see retouched QoS photos as a BIG RED FLAG - retouched SP photos are bad ... also, poses that are too sexy are also a turn-off + red flag because they distort the body and misrepresent the woman's true form which can cause a big difference betw perception and reality leading to a big shock when you need the woman in person. yikes!

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