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Thread: Montreal Lust Escorts, 3 days before the Grand Opening!!

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    Montreal Lust Escorts, 3 days before the Grand Opening!!

    A little about me and the MONTREAL LUST AGENCY!…

    I have been a hobbyist for over 6 years; I have seen many ladies in Montréal and across the world. I have dealt with agencies as well as independents. And through these experiences I have learnt many things, just like you have, that real customer care is always an issue. It is difficult to find an agency that will put as much effort to completely satisfy as some of the independents do, we will try!!!!

    Merb members may know me as KRONOS, I acquired, over the years, a reputation of honesty, respect and have even been called by a few members philanthropic. I have put together a team that insure these values that I have come to be known for. It is common knowledge that a team will perform and behave in the same manner as their leader. I believe this will be true with Montreal Lust Escorts. We will come to be known as the reference agency for good costumer care!!!

    For the last year I had partnered up with the devilish team. Unfortunately this was not a marriage that was meant to be; we can call it “irreconcilable differences”. Over the course of working on the other side of the phone, I have come to realise that as a client, we have the wrong perception of the business. We make excuses for bad service because of the nature of this business, and we shouldn’t, it is after all a costumer service based enterprise. Nothing changes at the exception of the commodity. I believe that this type of business can be managed like any other, and that is exactly what we are going to do.

    We have invested a lot of money to bring you this agency. We have invested $10 000 in costumes alone (a full line for each of our girls), we have innovated on the way the ladies are paid (performance bonuses to insure great service), we have an easy surf fun site (on line march 23rd) and we have created a loyalty program for our customers. To make any company work well, you must re-invest in it continuously. We have decided to lower the generated profits in exchange for a better, more loyal and satisfied clientele.

    We hope that each of you will give us the opportunity to show and prove what we mean by excellent costumer service. If you wish to let me know your insight and what you believe is lacking in today’s customer services, please let me know, I am truly interested!!! I have created the following address until our site goes on line. [email protected]

    warm regards,

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