[.A former call girl who defrauded a disabled software engineer from Ottawa out of $850,000 and then faked her own death will be sentenced on Friday.

Darquise Johnson — who also goes by the name Darquise L'Ecuyer — was convicted in January of five fraud-related offences.

Crown prosecutors are seeking a sentence of five to seven years for Johnson, 31, for what they described as her cruel treatment of Douglas Macklem, a computer software analyst who has spent most of his life in a wheelchair because of cerebral palsy.

Johnson's lawyers had argued in court that her husband, who lives in Jamaica, had forced her into the scheme.

Macklem said in a victim impact statement at a sentencing hearing earlier this month that he "may never trust another woman" after Johnson duped him out of his life savings.

The court had heard that Macklem first hired Johnson as a call girl but then began a conventional relationship. He spent his inheritance, RSSPs and mortgaged his family home to pay for fictitious vacation properties Johnson convinced him to invest in, with the promise the two would then live together in the Caribbean.

In 2006 Macklem received an email saying Johnson had died in a car accident in the Dominican Republic. Macklem later began investigating his investments and realized he had been duped. Johnson was arrested in 2007 when she returned to Canada
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