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Thread: What is the best time of day to schedual evening entertainment?

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    What is the best time of day to schedual evening entertainment?

    I have tried different times with little success.

    One of the reasons I have few reviews is I tend to get the new girl that dissapears in a week.

    Not saying I haven't had a few memorable experiences

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    I don't think that time of the day you schedule is related to the success of an encounter. What is important is that you select the right SP. Some say that you should schedule as close to the beginning of the girl's shift as possible. My experience has been that if you select the right provider, she will always provide the same service even if you are the last appointment of her day, or evening, or night.

    P.S. Rather than waiting a week to see if the girl disappears, just post your review right away. Often, she will show up somewhere else much later.

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    I honestly check for the agency's post of the day on Merb (anywhere betw 10h - 15h seems to be the norm) or if the agency consistently posts their schedule, I'll check there on Sunday or Monday AM.

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