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Thread: A strange question?!

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    Question A strange question?!

    Hi guys;
    I am looking to have fun with a girl who turns me on with showing off her legs in miniskirt while walking/crossing legs/bending over,...Finishing with HJ or BJJJTC.
    Does anybody know who provides these services (massage or escorts?). Any comment or recommendations?


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    Originally posted by bob crane
    Why not go to a high-mileage strip joint? At least there you can ogle the girls while nursing a brew for as long as you want and then when you find the one that makes you itch, you can get her in her office to scratch it.

    Cons: It`s dark in the club and cramped in the office and most girls will not give you a TC.

    Pros: You can pick and choose exactly what you want as interpretations of what`s ``sexy,`` ``hot,`` ``busty,`` etc. vary from person to person. HJ will usually run you around $50, BJ $80. Pricey (especially for the amount of time they spend with you), but some prefer the idea that they know what they`re investing in right up front.

    bob crane
    Thank Bob,
    Any specific location do you recommend? How should I know that the one I picked is prepared to ``fullfill`` my ``requirements`` in exchange with some extra money? I mean why shouldn`t she be suspecious of I being a cop,...?

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