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Thread: Photograph chart of height/weight

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    Photograph chart of height/weight

    I figured this might come in handy for some of you when booking someone who doesn't have any photos up... assuming that the height and weight posted are accurate!
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    Now, replace the pics with photos of our favorite SPs and somehow integrate bust size into the chart and now your talking!!!
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    I will bet you that chart is not accurate. A hard bodied person weights more but looks better than a flabby person.

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    Uknow, of course it's not foolproof. It's an educated guess based on averages. Mix white and black and you'll get gray but, there's various shades of gray.

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    Lily from Montreal
    Hum...I must have done something wrong,it tells me I am obese loll

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    Quote Originally Posted by curious View Post
    For reference, the average Playboy model over the years has been about 5'7" and 115 pounds. That results in a body mass index (BMI) of 18, which is slightly underweight, but fairly typical for a model. To calculate BMI take the person's height and weight and go to
    Your typical playboy bunny isn't underweight. If you believe playboy's numbers, I bet you believe the agencies and the WWE numbers also.

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    BMI is a good indicator for most people. If you come in at more than 25 you are probably carrying some visible extra fat. The exception may be athletes with a lot of muscle mass, and they know they are fit and healthy, even if their BMI is over 25.

    Lily, a 5ft woman weighing 110lbs, has aBMI of 21.5. Right in the "good" range.


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    Lily from Montreal
    Hum..I am 5 f 2..and a that height half inches matter lolll..thank God for heels loll actually what matters more is not the weight it is how it is "réparti" ...distributed ?loll

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    The chart is an interesting way to illustrate the appearance of height and weight. However, if you know your own height, height is easy enough to gauge. Precise weight is irrelevant to me. My eyes know the difference between what looks good and what doesn't. No scale is necessary.

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    Lily from Montreal
    You are right of course,an interesting skill I've developped since I started this..hum..side line is I am becoming very good as evaluating bra size and weight at a glance loll...

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    Quote Originally Posted by curious View Post
    The height/weight data was for Playmates, not Bunnies. According to the government, a BMI of under 18.5 is considered underweight.
    Same difference, if you believe they are under an 18 BMI, you also believe the hight weight stats from agencies and wrestling.

    If those posted height and weights are considered underweight, then the stated heights and weights are not true.

    Or do you also believe all those dear penthouse letters and all those stories told in the second rate porno mags next to the photo sets.

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