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Thread: Second Tour of Montreal (Trip Report)

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    Second Tour of Montreal (Trip Report)

    Here’s another trip report like Muffinbuffer’s even though I can’t write or entertain as good he can.

    My first trip report is here:

    Accommodations: I mostly stayed at the Delta Montreal President Kennedy and it was very SP friendly. It’s near the McGill metro stop. I had no elevator key card issues. The rate was well under 100/night without Hotwire/Priceline. Delta gave free internet access and there was a Starbucks just down the road at the McGill stop with internet access. Two blocks across at St. Catherine’s is a drug store for “hobby supplies.”

    What I like:
    Face: I like to be stunned when the door opens. This is a big part of the hobby for me. I prefer a nice face and body to PSE or even average service.

    Body: I don’t want to see anything extra in the midsection or even big fun bags. I need a tight body and prefer spinner or waify-ballerina-ish bodies about 5’5” and B cups over large boobs. I don’t like tattoos.

    Attitude: I don’t ask much here other than a positive attitude.

    Service: I play somewhat safe and don’t speak Greek or eat off the plate which most of you like. So the service score is more the SP’s physical endurance level than it is a bunch of acronyms. If I like the SP, it’s an energetic marathon. Skillful teasing is a big plus.

    The Reviews (no specific order):

    Stephanie of Montreal Angels:

    Mia of Tempted to Touch (T2T):

    Lola of Montreal Lust:

    Alice of Montreal Lust:

    Sky of Chloe’s Playground:

    Mariella of Montreal Angels:

    Mya of Montreal Girlfriends (HDH):

    Amanda at Devilish:

    And the best of this group was easily Mariella of Montreal Angels. No one else came close, Lola maybe. I repeated with Mariella twice on the same trip after discovering her. She’s simply a fantastic beauty whose company I enjoyed. And if she likes you too she has a few extras that will leave you tired and smiling. Happy hobbying.
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    Thanks for your Trip Report underdog98!

    These are always appreciated and great reference for Merbites.
    All great reviews! Entertaining revus are nice but I love facts. Good stuff!

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    Thank for this underdog98 !

    Really appreciated !

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