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Thread: Major Privacy Breach by Apple.

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    Major Privacy Breach by Apple.

    The following is an interesting read from The Gazette:

    Effectively people have been tracked with a permanent record of their moments.

    If you have any of the devices in question then review your activities in the context of this information.Especially SPs who used such devices to communicate with anyone.
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    here's another discussion of the tracking designed into iOS4... btw if you synch your iPhone to other devices, the info is also uploaded there too!

    you cannot opt-out, edit, or delete the info
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    If anyone is hobbying in the States, don't take your iPhone (or any other mobile devices) with you to the meet site. Under some recent case law, the LE can access the information on your device without a search warrant. More reasons for buying disposable phones.

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    So who is Big Brother now?

    I guess this means Android phones and Blackberry's do not do this?

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    I heard a news report stating Google Android phone does the same thing. The news report said others are being tested.
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    While I've only seen it done in Movies and on TV, can't cell phone company already determine where a person has been by triangulating which cell phone tower a person connects to?

    I know they know whenever I'm in Canada by the inflated international calling rates i get on my bill.

    - CWipes

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    Kansas Frank
    Quote Originally Posted by CWipes View Post
    While I've only seen it done in Movies and on TV, can't cell phone company already determine where a person has been by triangulating which cell phone tower a person connects to?

    - CWipes
    True, but it's expensive and requires a search warrant to get this information from the phone companies. With Apple, the entire "travel" history is on the device. It's really not a big deal for "law-abiding" citizens but the information can be misused or misunderstood. LE has been using this quietly for sometime; this "free ride" was made public last week by the two whistle-blowers.

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    So there is now an App for that

    Canadian program takes Apple's eye off your phone

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    Unless you have something to hide, I would not be worried. Its not like anyone can log on and know where you have been.

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    Reno, anybody who get a hold of your phone can get that file. You forgot your phone at a restaurant, whoever finds it will know where you were since the phone have this software version. Same with your wife/kids/boss who you don't mind leaving your phone with for a few minutes.

    Are you certain your life is 100% uninteresting and law-abiding? Can you guarantee this is 100% true for the last year?

    - Somebody who want to wait for you in a corner and mug no longer have to search for you: he knows you're at a specific spot almost the same time, almost every day. All he have to do is wait for you.

    - A thief who want to visit your house can find that, every Wednesday at 8:00pm, you are at your pottery lesson for 1 hour and the house is empty.

    - Your wife might become tired of you, even if she was madly in love last year. Your regular strip club visits that were no issue 6 month ago might be something good as an example why she's asking for a divorce.

    - You are involved in a car accident and cops want to pin it on you: Are you certain you were not over the speed limit? You never drove your car over the speed limit? That file contains the position and time so, let's say, before the accident you were at spot X and 1 minute later you were at spot Y. What if they find-out you took only 3/4 the time you should have taken to cover that distance? That would mean you were going 25% too fast! They can also find that you spend a lot of time driving at 120km/h at times where, according to your work schedule, you are driving to-from work, on roads where the maximum limit is 70km/h. You won't get a ticket for this but, it can be used to show character in a trial where they want to pin an accident on you.

    Certainly other can find more stuff.

    You still think there's no consequences to that file?

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    A bunch of old ladies. Dont even know what you are talking about. The file keeps track of nearby cell towers and wifi spots. Not your specific location. This is the same as for other smart phones. They are gathering data for location based services. Besides this your cell phone carrier keeps track of where your phone has been through nearby cell towers. It keeps a record of this. Just lock your phone if you are worried. I am sure there is more important information on your phone than this.
    Part of the protection you have through Apple is the ability to remotely wipe your phone and lock it if it hasnt already. Furthermore you can request that Apple permently disable the phone.

    Much to do about nothing and nothing more than what happens already with other phones.

    If you really do not want someone to know where you are then turn your phone (any phone) off before you go
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