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Thread: Iv'e been banned on m3rC dot [email protected] msgboard without having made any posts on it!!!

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    Iv'e been banned on m3rC dot [email protected] msgboard without having made any posts on it!!!

    YES! IT IS A RE-POST, made first post in wrong section.

    Iv'e been banned on m3rC dot [email protected] msgboard without having made any posts on it!!!

    just registered maybe 2hrs ago and was waiting for my approval so I could reply In a thread
    then I got this:

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    invalid info

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never

    I'm like veryyyy WTF!?? and pissed since I couldn't even post one damn word, zero, nothing, niet. nada and banned already WHY!??? and I d'ont wanna register again with another username, I was prolly already registered years ago I dunno I forgot nway...I just hope some mod from m3rC dot [email protected] reads this and activate my account there, sent an e-mail but still waiting

    I know its a pretty useless thread but maybe it happened to other ppl, hopefully its just a bug/crash/system error...

    ok so I see your censor system didnt allow me to state...bla bla bla was I ban cuz I'm registered
    here under the same username!? and you consider XYZ dot ca as a rival site or I dont know???

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    I doubt that in your 2 posts on merb you could of caused enough crap to even be on the 'merbs.elite.rejected.critics' radar..
    So it shouldnt be because you used the same handle as on merb..
    The other thing is these sites are unaffiliated, So i am not sure if one of their mods would read a merb post.. And activate your account on 'merbs.elite.rejected.critics'..
    Its none of my business, but i only know of 2 credible posters on 'merbs.elite.rejected.critics'..
    I am sure you can get all you need out of an escort board on merb.

    And out of your 2 posts.. The one in the lounge would be the one to keep..
    The other one is in the wrong section..
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    If you have a problem getting an account activated on a competing board, I suggest you contact that board's moderators or administrator using the contact link on their website. This is not the place to get their attention.

    This thread is closed and will be removed later as we most definitely have no affiliation with merc.

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