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Thread: Distinctive Summer Delights with Gabriella

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    Red face Distinctive Summer Delights with Gabriella

    Good evening gentlemen,

    I am pleased to announce that starting in June until the end of August I will be offering a special distinctive donation
    so we can all enjoy the summer, to the fullest, together!

    As always, a 24 hour notice minimum is required in order for me to accept an intimate rendez-vous.
    I am kindly asking you to visit my website for more information.
    The best way to contact me is via email at:

    Distinctive GFE Outcall Summer Delights

    2 hours $500
    3 hours $700
    4 hour Lunch Date $800
    5 hour Supper Date $1000
    6 hour Extended Supper Date $1200
    15 hour Overnight $2000
    48 hour Weekend Getaway $ 3500

    ~ An erotic poem from me to you ~

    Hidden in the darkest recesses of my body
    Hides an unmistakeable creature... Lust

    LUST, Fiery, Impulsive
    Lust is spelt in touch, kiss and embrace
    Lust is split in insertion and emission
    Most aphrodisiacal
    Lust means luxuria, lechery, lasciviousness and sensuality

    Into a world of pure desire
    Endorphin storm erupting
    My lust for you is like a fire
    All it does is burn
    It burns everything in sight
    My lust for you is intense
    I can taste your lips
    At my finger tips
    I am in so much blood filled
    State of lust, robust lust
    Each inch of skin it tingles

    Lost in the lust of our connection
    Hot as cinder and solid as steel
    Your breath upon my skin
    Your lips know every wish of mine
    A gasp of sweet surrender
    Body aching to capture pleasure
    Like the ticking of a bomb
    Give me all you have
    Feed off me, chew me up
    Dine on me, fill your lust
    Touch, sweat, sigh
    Fingers racing against my thighs
    Inhale, exhale, high
    Nails tracing down your spine
    Twist, pulse, heat
    Skin to skin we meet
    Glistening bodies entwined
    Feeling up, rubbing, squeezing, sliding,
    The breathing, the moaning, the screaming
    The natural flow of wetness

    Wishing to end this exquisite torture
    Unconstrained, urgent, frenzied
    Panting, huffing
    Coming together in waves of need
    Showing me all the delights
    Only suffering from lust hangover

    I look forward to spend many memorable moments in your company!

    Gabriella xox

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    Illecebrous Quaintrelle
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    Montreal & somewhere in your arms in Canada

    Exclamation Availability update

    Good evening gentlemen,

    I will be available to meet with you for an exclusive intimate outcall rendez-vous, either at your upscale hotel
    or private residence, this Thursday and Friday, June 2nd and 3rd.

    Minimum of 24 hours notice required.
    One outcall rendez-vous per day.
    Please visit my website before contacting me.

    My next availabilities will be on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,
    June 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th.
    Advance reservations are always welcomed, preferred and appreciated.

    See you soon gentlemen!

    Gabriella xox

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