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    Question guys spending money

    why are guys spending $200 or more for 10 minutes in a booth at places like grand prix or hilltop when they can get a full hour in the comfort of a real room with a real bed for the same price? what am i missing?

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    My theory is that some guys like the thrill of it. I believe that most know they can get get more time for the same price through an escort, but you have the following 'disadvantages':

    - You won't know what the escort will look like until you open the door
    - You may not have that 'instant' chemistry, or that 'get to know you over dances' kind of thing.

    At least in the FS strip club you can see the girl and get to 'know her' a little. Even though I may not agree to spending that much for a few minutes myself, I can understand it (especially if you can afford it).


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    Lightbulb Been there done that

    Hey bigbob,

    This topic has been rehashed numerous times, with pros & cons listed on both sides of the equation. Here`s a link to the most recent debate before your post, you may find it illuminating:

    It`s a quick read but already hits the major points.


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    A fool and his money are soon parted!

    I guess Mark Twain figured out that its a beter deal in the room than in the booth?

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