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Thread: Just For Laughs shows at Cafe Cleopatre!

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    Just For Laughs shows at Cafe Cleopatre!

    Well after the city spent so much time, money and effort to close the place down, Cleo's is showing that it really does have a place in the new Quartier des Spectacles! As a part of the Just For Laughs festival, Cleo's will be hosting 4 late night shows. This is great news!

    This summer, Zoofest has invited Nasty Show veteran Ari
    Shaffir and his friends to spend 4 raucous nights telling their favorite sex
    stories in the perfect setting: a strip bar.

    Looks like Cleo's gets the last laugh.

    Looking around the site I came across another show at Cleo's...

    Jay Oakerson: The American Storyteller
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