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Thread: New Jersey College Professor Arrested For Running Escort Website

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    New Jersey College Professor Arrested For Running Escort Website

    It would not happen in Canada, but I am wondering where this case will go in light of the Florida prosecution against TER which got tossed on federal constitutional grounds (they were also charged with promoting prostitution in violation of state law):
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    Professor Flory should be applauded for providing students a means of paying for his lectures. With the runaway cost of education, there should be more professors like him.

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    This is one of the reasons I flinch whenever I see a post in the forum to the effect that "I'm going to NY/Vegas/whatever U.S. city and wanted to know if anyone has recommendations for me."

    With the escort scene you have in Quebec, why in the world would you want any part of the illegal, very expensive escort scene in the states?

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    They arrested one of the Moderators too.

    Apparently they were arranging dates between providers and the members, requiring the posters to do so in order to get premium access to the site.

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    Love this quote from the Prof,
    “He said he was not in this for the money ... He flat-out told us his thing was he wanted to create a safe place for prostitutes and johns to get together. He called it a hobby.”
    Too bad this type of hobby gets policed so strictly in some parts of the world.

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