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Thread: R.I.P Peter Falk aka Columbo @ 83

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    R.I.P Peter Falk aka Columbo @ 83

    NEW YORK — The best way to celebrate Peter Falk’s life is to savor how Columbo, his signature character, fortified our lives.

    Thanks to Falk’s affectionately genuine portrayal, Lt. Columbo established himself for all time as a champion of any viewer who ever felt less than graceful, elegant or well-spoken.

    Falk died Thursday at age 83 in his Beverly Hills, Calif., home, according to a statement released Friday by family friend Larry Larson. But Columbo lives on as the shining ideal of anyone with a smudge on his tie, whose car isn’t the sportiest, who often seems clueless, who gets dissed by fancy people.

    As a police detective, Columbo’s interview technique was famously disjointed, with his inevitable awkward afterthought ("Ahhh, there’s just one more thing...") that tried the patience of his suspect as he was halfway out the door.

    Columbo was underestimated, patronized or simply overlooked by nearly everyone he met — especially the culprit.

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    Columbo was a great character. I have started watching this series since my childhood and I have watched every single episode at least twice. God bless his soul. A sad end given that he was suffering from Alzheimer since 2008.

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    I remember watching Columbo with my Dad, one of only a few he actually enjoyed. It brings back some fond memories, and Peter Faulk will be missed for sure...
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