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Thread: Hello Gentlemen! Did you miss me?

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    Arrow Hello Gentlemen! Did you miss me?

    I am now back advertising on Merb!

    That has been a while since my last advertising here! It makes me kind of remembering the good time I had exchanging on the boards, few years ago.........

    I probably looked like to have disappear for a lots of you, but that wasn't the case. I maintained a very low profile during that time, having few particular friends who were meeting regularly with me. But presently, they manage to retire before I do it myself, so...... Here I am!

    I am still active and I am entirely the total sweet-heart as I had always been. For those who don't have a clue about me, here is a little presentation: Mature woman of 35+, long dark hair, hazel eyes, straight white teeth, European and Canadian heritage, 5'3, 125 lbs, very very GFE, sometimes with a little zesty twist!

    I am the kind of lady who knows the good things in life, showing perfect manners in public, but with the down-to-earth attitude. I don't play any kind of way the "diva-thing". I got a formidable warm personality and can't put at ease everyone. I got a kind of good sense of humor: in fact, I am a real entertainer but I am adapting myself accordingly to the mood of the moment!

    I do have many, but many positive reviews on Merb.

    A question may arise for some of you:
    What kind of gentlemen would be interested to meet with Maria Divina?

    I think the gentlemen who adored to meet with me are mature gentlemen (around 35 and more), looking specially for a total experience in the "GFE" style with a mature adventurous lady. They want to meet someone they could talk too, sharing a nice glass of wine and/or a little snack, or even a dinner. They want a lady who is assuming totally what she does and enjoying it for real. They are looking too for someone who is meeting few. Also, they want someone who is conservative in her way to present herself at their hotel room because discretion is paramount for her too, but is bringing in her little suitcase what it takes to put the right ambiance on: romantic, sensual or passionate, what's on the menu is meeting highly those expectations!!! .....


    Availabilities varie:

    From Monday the 11th to Thursday the 14th: Daytime only

    From Friday the 15th to Thursday the 28th: Daytime and/or Evening time

    Please, contact me by email. I like to exchange just a bit and that's the way I am seeing if we are suitable to each other. That's my own little screening process. I just want to be sure that we will have a good time together.
    Hey, that's not what it is all about?

    And, of course! Those with whom we had a blast are more then welcome to invite me again!

    One way: write to

    Thank you very much gentlemen for your attention!


    Au plaisir!

    More questions?: Please, write to me directly.

    Divina xox
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