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Thread: Escort Agencies open late for outcall

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    Escort Agencies open late for outcall


    Anyone know which escort agencies are open later during the nights for outcalls? After 11 pm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin_XXXtase View Post
    Very classy of you to post this.

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    Queen of Spades. I've only used escorts 4 times in the few months, but I tried twice with them. Problem is, that both times the girls seemed quite tired and I had the feeling htey were on their last call. Both were after 12 am (but not as late as 3 am or anything like that).

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    I have had excellent luck with getting late calls from GOF or Devilish. Have not tried the other agencies referred to yet. And agree it was classy of Martin to post that.

    When I was a new hobbyist, I was in New York City and took an agency literally when they said "Open 24 hours" and called and asked for two girls at 10 a.m. Agency said they would be there "in a little while." Showed up around 2 p.m. It did not take me long to understand wherein my folly lay...especially in NYC.

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