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Thread: Eleganza website

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    Eleganza website

    It's been down now since sometime yesterday, for me anyway, is anyone able to access it at all.

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    It looks like it is down at the moment. I did not try it before now in the last couple days.

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    As of this minute it is down for me as well.

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    Yeah, I've tried to access the Eleganza website several times today, and haven't been able to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chico69 View Post
    ... is anonymous attacking escorts sites?
    Remember this scene ?

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    Lily from Montreal
    Quote Originally Posted by John_eleg View Post
    I called my service provider
    It made me laugh: is John's SP multitasking and take care of his site?

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    Lilly...This is funny. john has a sense of humor after all!

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    Johns Site is dow again. I tried to log in today and I got the following error message: Account Suspended
    In accordance with Section 25(a) of the ProBoards Terms of Service, this forum has been taken offline. Anyone else having a problem?

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    Also down over here Hungry101

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    Seems to be OK now.

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    OK, I see what you mean. I tried to log on to the members section of the Eleganza site and got the same message as above. What's up John?

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