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Thread: Need some help for Montreal(Bachelor party trip)

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    Question Need some help for Montreal(Bachelor party trip)

    Hey guys, I'm driving to Montreal for a bachelor trip tomorrow night and I'm hoping to pick your brains so we could plan ahead for a memorable weekend!

    I've visited a few times before and tried a range of different things(low-mileage stripclubs on St Catherine's, full service ones like Hilltop, and this weird place upstairs of an adult video store where you can finish yourself off while a girl strip teases in front of you in a private room )

    These days I'm completely out of touch with what's available/popular here - so any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    We have 12 people going together but I imagine we would split up into small groups at some point, since some of the guys are probably not into any hardcore fun lol.

    What we are looking for:

    1. Some suggestions for the best stripclubs downtown with great eye candy where all 12 guys could have have a few beers and enjoy the scene; mileage is not an issue.

    2. High mileage clubs for the bachelor and a few guys who don't mind driving a bit. Quality and service of girls are more important than price range.

    3. Some options for clubbing since we will be staying 2 nights - right now we have guest listed for Altitude 737 and Muzique. We are staying in the downtown Sheraton so if there are any hot spots nearby for this Fri/Sat night please do share =)

    4. Great lunch or brunch/breakfast places for Sat or Sun, or a great late night restaurant for Fri night. Price is not really an issue. Restaurants that I have visited on previous trips and enjoyed are Au pied de Cochon, DNA, LeMéac. Unfortunately none of those places can accommodate a reservation of 12 ppl for Saturday dinner by the time we booked, so we went with Chez ma Grosse Truie Chérie. Any one know if it's good?

    Thanks in advance for any tips for our trip!!!

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    How many threads will I have to close? Use the search function, this was discussed many time before.

    All the info you're asking are already on MERB, just make the effort of searching and reading.

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