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Thread: Happy New Year Wishes

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    Happy New Year Wishes

    I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone on the board a very Happy New Year. To all of those I've met and all those I hope to meet in the future. There are a lot of great people on this board. I hope the monthly parties continue into 2005. Drive safely tonight.

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    Same here.

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    Ditto for me......Hey, maybe I'll get to meet some of you at your parties in 2005.

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    Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy your bubbly and good cigars!
    If you should drown or be hanged, make sure to take note of your sensations.

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    Happy New Year everyone. I'll be partying at Cleo's tonight and will let everyone know how it was tomorrow. Have a safe evening and don't drink and drive, the life you save may be one of your favorite SP's.

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    Happy New Year!!

    Just want to take a short minute to wish you all a great New Year! As 2004 gives way to A New Year, new hope, new joy, and new beginnings. May all your dreams come true!!

    Happy New Year Everyone,

    Celine & Company xoxo

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    happy new year to all

    happy new year to all.haven t had to much communication with messages but i am a little the shy type,but i follow the messages religiously daily and have also left some posts .not all know me that well but will do more in 2005 , well all the best to the guys and all the lovely ladies
    have a great day and be happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElfGoneBad
    ...ladies who are entering their cougar years a very special 2005 and all the best in their search for that oh so young and hot high school drop out
    Took me two minutes to figure out that you are referring to the Chinese calendar... elfgonecryptic (just kidding).

    IMHO, this board needs some new posters. I'm tired of no one answering my post questions (again just kidding).

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    A very happy and most importantly a healthy new year to all you guys and gals out there. Let's all stay healthy so we can continue to hobby safely in our beatifull city

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