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Thread: looking for a little help :)

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    looking for a little help :)

    My girlfriend and I live in western canada. We have enjoyed the company of a 2nd female on several occaissons (lucky me ) and have done this in Montreal as recently as a few years ago.

    We are looking to do a return trip to Montreal in the next month or so but all the agencies seem to have changed over somewhat.

    Can anyone recommend who would be the best agency to work with in terms of setting up something special? I guess what I'm asking for is the best agency "boss" to work with and not necessarily the agency with the best girls.

    Feel free to email me direct ([email protected]).

    Cheers and Happy New Year!

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    I'm totally adorable as a boss but I only do it for 2 Friends instead of managing a real agency. Annik & friends

    French Kiss Society is the best for the best.

    Aleeva is fair and has a big team. Aleeva & friends (she copied me but we still get along).

    Allissa is reopening and she does a good job as a boss.

    Les Déesses d'Eden is a good place for a lower end agency.
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    Annik of Annik & friends

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    Fir my wife ad I, our all time goddess is Angelina from Aleeva. Be ware, you must be in good shape as she is an energiser bunny. (Keeps on going and going)

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