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Thread: Forgive me, please,

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    Forgive me, please,


    I'm sorry for asking this on this thread, but I know this is one of your first (only? ) stops on this board ,so now I have your attention.

    Where is the best rate and place to exchange U.S. dollars for CA. dollars in downtown montreal? Would i be better off just using an ATM or Cred Card for the best exchange?

    Please help me out and in exchange, I promise to contribute succinct reviews on all the escorts I see during my 4 day spree next week. I plan on seeing at least 4-7 sps. I am taking a well deserved post holiday holiday in fair Montreal


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    The only way I've found to get a fair deal is to use an ATM to withdraw from your checking/savings account. Make sure your daily withdrawal limit is high enough before you get here!!
    Planning to repeat with Kiki

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    thanks Dave,

    I kind of thought that


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    not forgiven

    post your threads in the right place

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