Yes I am leaving the business! Because sex as to stay a Hobby (yes for me also!!!)....a joyfull activitie.
Because i did my time and had so much fun
Because i need to pass to another Path...
Because Life is Big and Wonderfull, and there is other Avenues i need to discover.

Intense it was.
A experiment I always assumed very well and i will never regret.
I say proudly that most Gentlements I met where : Respectfull, Sweet, Fun, Educated, Passionate and Sex-lover, Sex-discoverers.

That last year made me get trought very eavy financials responsabilities and permited me to have lighters tomorows.

I am not retyring of Sex, Complicity and intellectual discussion.....

I am retyring of being a Escort.

Love, Sex and Peace !

Miss Sarah Bernard will now rest (in peace )

luvs and kisses....

SB x0x0x0x

P.S. i will keep my e-mail account open for a while....but my phone is off for ever.
I also stay a merb member.