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Thread: Testosterone level

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    Testosterone level

    I'd like to share a personal situation, if I may. I searched for a thread dealing only with this topic, but I couldn't find one.
    Until about a year ago, I was experiencing the lack of ability to attain an erection more than once a week. If I got the opportunity to hobby, I had to discipline myself if I had plans to hobby more often than that frequency. More often than i care to confess, I would end up spending time just conversing, because of my inability to become erect. Naturally, as I aged, this condition worsened.
    I had related this to my family physician, he checked my testosterone level, and found it to be low. He even commented that it was so low, it surprised him that I was even to get an erection. He started me on Andro-gel, a topical liquid, very similar to the color and consistency of the clear hand sanitizing lotions. It helped me greatly and I was able to perform again.
    Being from the US, the prescription for synthetic testosterone was about $75 every 20 days. The other problem with it was that it had to be kept at 68 to 72 degrees F. It is hard to do when you are in Edmonton in the winter with your suitcase in the back of a rental car all day with it being a -15C or -20C. Now I have gone to Depotestosterone, an injectable testosterone. I don't have a problem injecting my thigh with this, although some men might. Injections are on a regular basis every two weeks, and the medicine is about $24 for a three month supply. It is a lot more tolerant of temperature changes, being able to be stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature.
    What this has done for me is an increase in energy level, and the ability to attain and maintain an erection. I recently proved this to myself when I was in London, Ontario and was able to see two SPs in one night. Then on September 15, I got the opportunity to do it with two of Montreal's fine ladies. The first date was great with Daryn of Eleganza. I knew there would be no performance issuses with me, and then about 5 hours later I saw Jenna of CandyShop. If I couldn't have performed with Jenna, ... lets just say it would have been a major disapointment. But I had no problem.
    I have tried both Viagra and Cialis, and do not like the side effects of flushing, my pulse in my ears, and the hot sunburned feeling. The only side effects I have experienced with Depotosterone, is the rapid growth of body hair. Every now and then I trim my pubic hair so it doesn't grow longer than my penis.
    This is what I have experienced. Yours may be different. If you have experienced similar situations, or have had similar problems, see a doctor. Maybe you can enjoy the fruits available to you.
    There can be serious consequences if your testosterone level is too high, too. Do not attempt to diagnose yourself, let a medical professional test you and help you.
    For the record, I am over 55 years old. I hope this will help someone.

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    An interesting post. The only thing I would add is that low testosterone can be due to a number of things, and is always worth investigation. Often, these investigations will require a conult with an endocrinologist. Endocrinologists are specialized doctors that treat hormonal problems in men and women. These specialists are the best qualified to help you with a testosterone problem. However, many GPs are excellent at treating these illnesses! Just don't be shy to ask to see the specialists!

    On a more general note, erectile dysfunction (ED) is more common than we might think. A good rule of thumb is the age-% correlation. 40% of men have some for of ED at 40, 50% at 50 60% at 60... and nearly 100% of men over 80 have ED! Guys, it's just part of growing old!

    However, it should be known that ED SHOULD BE PROMPTLY EVALUATED BY AN MD. I know it isn't fun to talk about ED to anybody, but sometimes this condition is an early sign of very dangerous diseases that, if caught early, can be treated very well.

    For example, ED can be a sign of uncontroled diabetes, congestive heart failure, neurologic conditions, atherosclerotic arterial disease, peripheral vascular disease. The erection being an extremely complex mecanism that integrates many body fonctions, it is often a first sign of problems.

    Therefore: the take home message here is that if you have ED, si your doctor and tell him so! You'll be happy you did if he finds something dangerous.

    Questions that might be asked and tha ou should be prepared to answer include: how long has it been like that? Can you attain erection but no orgasm? Do you have morning erections? You can also expect a conversation on more psychological reasons for ED, like depression.

    Anyways, hope this helps!


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