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Thread: Best place to watch Baseball Playoffs in DT (close to Metro stop) Adult or reg bar?

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    Best place to watch Baseball Playoffs in DT (close to Metro stop) Adult or reg bar?

    My team is in the MLB playoffs, if they continue on (be in town next week), I'll be wanting to watch the game in a bar, with a good atmosphere and close to a Metro stop. A strip club is ok, however the drinks and dances might cost me a few bucks... anyone recommend a good place/good food/reasonable drink prices or a SC with a lot of big screens? Go Tigers! I'm sure I'd have to compete with hockey if it is on at the same time... Thanks.

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    Station des Sports on St Catherine close to Guy metro
    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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    Any of the "Cage Au Sports" chain except on a Habs hockey game night.

    The best place is the 2nd floor Rec Room of Hurleys Irish Pub on Crescent street which is within walking distance of 3 different Metros, Lucien Lalier, Peel or Guy-Concordia. Lots of well placed big screens and lots of imports on tap. Great Pub food and terrific live music on the main floor. NO I do't work there. Go Yankees!

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    I might not need the reference to the bar as the Tiger's bullpen has self-destructed... but I can pray they win on Thursday. If they lose, I'll have more time to hobby.

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    Well, Tigers pulled it out and are going to surprise a lot of of you... so I'm definitely interested in a sports bar now... so glad that Valverde K'd that clown, A-Rod, doing his usual during the playoffs... These bars are good choices, hopefully there won't be many Hab games as a conflict.

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    Wow, I need two TV's now, Tigers vs Texas and Lions vs Bears... Think I'm going to consume lots of beer tonight...

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