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Thread: Montreal Nuru Massage 1249 Drummond (514) 641 - 8449

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    Montreal Nuru Massage 1249 Drummond (514) 641 - 8449

    Lexi: Adorable Philipina-Canadian, 20 years old, 5'3, 120 pds. Weak massage skills but I really liked her personality. She has the gift of being able to turn on the innocence or the hot side of her personality at the right times. Very good finishing skills every time I saw her. 55$* for the hour plus standard tip.
    * 60 for i hour in the VIP room.

    Angel: Gorgeous Asian-Canadian 20 yrs old, 5'4, 100 pds, brunette. Very good finish with lots of eye contact from Angel. Enjoyable and worth doing again.

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    Had them both before! So sexy, great at massaging, they really know how to pamper you!
    I highly recommend nuru massage here in Montreal! I've been coming back often trying out all the girls!
    Also sometimes some of them can give you alittle extra!
    They have a new girl named Sara! Sweet little lebanese French girl! She gave me everything to please me for a hours nuru massage!
    From a erotic show to little nibbles on my you know what!
    I am very pleased with this massage! Even though I could not get more then just the 10 second of month full I got , I am defiantly
    Coming back the check out the other hotties they have!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie Monster View Post
    55$* for the hour plus standard tip.
    * 60 for i hour in the VIP room.
    Why are you quoting prices of a service or choice you didn't get? Sounds more like an advert...just sayin'....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Lube View Post
    Why are you quoting prices of a service or choice you didn't get? Sounds more like an advert...just sayin'....
    I understand why you would think that. The original thread for this place was started by a Montreal Nuru Massage shill with the handle of fidelis if I remember correctly.
    I guess when he was found out the thread got wiped out by the admins along with my original review of Lexi. In my original review I stated the VIP room price because that was what I selected for my first session with her. My next two sessions with Lexi took place in the regular rooms. I started a new thread because I wanted to review my session with Angel. I hope that clears things up.

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    I went to Montreal Nuru back in August when I first got back to town. This was after a super fun time at Kingdom with Lily as my dancer (love those little blondes).

    As I was walking along St. Catherine at about 3am, I saw their sign and decided to give it a call and see if they were open. They were so I decided to check it out.

    I was greeted, after climbing Mount Staircase, by a blonde punky girl with some nice C's for display. English and from Ontario, she said her name was Michelle (though when I called back another time to see if she was working I was told she was no there anymore). I was shown into the VIP room, as the others were full (but offered at regular room price, which I thought was nice). The ladies all came through one by one to present themselves to me and in the end I decided on Michelle since we already had a bond from our earlier chat.

    A fast shower (wicked neat shower BTW) we got down to business.

    Her massage skills were passable, not great, not bad, but overall enjoyable.

    Then came the flip. Let me say that this girl knew her stuff and really made me feel quite relaxed.

    Being possessed of a rather impressive testicular fortitude, it took a while, but Michelle was a pro and was half talking me off at the same time. There was one part where she used her lovely breasts as hands and I was quite happy.

    After a while the release came and I was more than happy.

    Turns out we had gone over the 30 mins I had agreed on, so I paid for the bumped up price and cleaned up.

    Due to their air conditioning being on the fritz I was given a coupon for $25 off my next visit. Sadly it expires in December, so I will HAVE to get around to using it very soon.

    As this was my first time participating in this sort of activity I cannot compare to other experiences, but I can I was very pleased and will most definitely repeat!


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    After reading article above i think i will pass. Thank you very much.

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    what is the standard tip? I am new to MP. I searched for the thread, couldn't found one.

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    It really depends on the service you receive.

    I usually tip no more then 10 but it's personal preference.

    You can tip nothing at all if you didn't like the service but let her know why you didn't like it if you didn't so she can correct it for the next person, else she will never learn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CWipes View Post
    It really depends on the service you receive.

    I usually tip no more then 10 but it's personal preference.

    You can tip nothing at all if you didn't like the service but let her know why you didn't like it if you didn't so she can correct it for the next person, else she will never learn.
    thank you!

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    went today ,wanted to go for A while but kept putting it was well worth the wait.melanies handshad my whole body feeling like a lump of putty all the way to the ''climax'' of the nuru experience.for sure ill be back,cant wait .loved massage ive had so far in this lifetime.:

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    Meli @ Montreal Nuru Massage 1249 Drummond (514) 641-8449

    Time for my first review. Friday night I was walking back home from a friend's party when this thread popped in my mind. I was close to Drummond, and I thought it was time for me to try an MP. I'm glad I did. The MP is situated right beside the Gentlemen's Club and Downtown stripclubs.

    I was greeted at the door by Lexi, I was shown the prices and then she took me to my room. She was very nice, smiling the whole time. Girls were presented to me, and the last one called Kimberly literally made my jaw drop. She's a petite quebecoise with huge breasts, just how I like them. Unfortunately when I came to make my choice she wasnt available, but I'll sure come back for her.

    So I chose a girl by the name of Meli, I guess it's short for the Melanie in brae's review? She's african-american, which I'm usually not into, but she was cute, tall, very slim body, nice face, probably C's.

    I took a 30 minutes nuru massage. Since it was my first time to an MP I figured I'd spoil myself. At first I was nervous and found it kind of awkward being butt naked on a table, but hey we get used to it and she made me feel at ease. The room is relaxing, offering a nice shower. The massage was ok, nothing extraordinary but a good stress releiver. The nuru massage was fun, I liked the body to body sliding. The oil mixed with the room temperature made me a bit cold, so I was concentrating on not shivering, which diverted my attention from the massage a bit. Nevertheless, the finish was just awesome, she's a tease and a good manual girl. She has a great personality, cleaning me up and opening doors for me on my way out. Cost was 50$ with an 80$ obligatory tip for nuru. As fun as it is, I'm on a tight budget so next times I'll probably go for regular massages.
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    80$ obligatory tip? On the website it says nuru is 50$ + $15 and standard tipping for options so the extra $65 was for just a HJ !? They also offer service for couples, anybody know how bi-friendly the sp's are if you bring your girlfriend?

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    I think the "If nuru add 15$" is for the couples only. I was told 80$ was because the lady would be naked during the entire massage, she would have to body slide, and the HJ was no regular one. The guys before me took 45min or an hour and I heard the lady tell them a tipping price that was higher than mine.

    But I didn't check the website before hand, I didn't know any different so I didn't question the price. Do you think it also has something to do with the fact it was a busy friday night? Because that tip is definitely a hidden fee. Regular massages probably don't have this high tipping since there's no nuru involved.

    I'll ask them next time I go for Kimberly.

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    Did the girl who gave you the massage charge you the extra $80 or was it the receptionist when you walked in? The sp should always be naked for nuru, that's the the whole point! What wasn't "regular" about the hj, did she use her left hand? I don't know about it being because it was a busy friday night but if it was the sp who charged you the extra $80 in the room I would say you got gouged based on the rates listed on their own website and you should get a free 4 handed massage for an hour on your next visit! Hopefully they will do a clean up and get rid of the scam artist who took you for a ride also but I doubt it based on how there wasn't a knock on the door when Zebra Lord's time was up instead of just springing the extra charge$ on him at the end! Mehh, this place is much less tempting now thanks to merb. I want a relaxing experience from a mp, not to be stressed out by money grubbers, which would definately result in conflict with me. I also don't want to boil or make an effort not to shiver because the place can't even manage to maintain a comfortable atmosphere either. For $130 you can get 60 minutes of pse with no limits! Everybody has got an inflatable air mattress from candian tire for camping, buy your own nuru gel for $10 and get the escort to slide around on you like a slip and slide and call it a massage if that's really your thing lol

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    Here to be clear as your taking feedback from a newcomer-80$ is standard tipping and of course the masseuse is fully nude....Nuru is much more then 10$ and the link you provided is also my website as we are the exclusive sellers of that Nuru gel also its much more then 10$....seeing how you only have 3 post under your belt and 2 on here I cant help to say you seem only to put out damage for someone who as never been are entitled to give your honest review but at least visit the place so you know what your talking about

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