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    Thumbs up Instinct mma

    I don't know if there's any fans of MMA on MERB but this brand new company had their first live event in Boisbriand

    last week and attracted 5 000 fans. I was lucky enough to be one of them.

    With proven MMA veterans like Patrick Cote and Jens Pulver on their roster, young stars like Courchesne and Gr

    andmont as well as popular Montreal boxer Eric Barrak, boxing legend Butterbean, ex hockey enforcer Steve Bosse

    they are sure to take over the MMA scene here in Montreal.

    Instinct 2 will take place in Quebec on December 2

    Look for Instinct 3 to be back in Montreal, hopefully the Bell Center.
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    He has now had two straight split decisions: one where he beat Mike Pierce and now the loss to Hendricks. This loss probably drops him to the lower five of the division, and who knows what's next for him.

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    Who is he?
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