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Thread: Special report on Massage parlors on CTV news on Monday & Tuesday

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    Special report on Massage parlors on CTV news on Monday & Tuesday

    I saw a blurb for this on CTV today and thought people might find it interesting. There's a video preview on the CTV site here:

    Massage parlours – who is working in them and why?
    Caroline van Vlaardingen has a two-part special report airing Monday and Tuesday, where she investigates these modern-day brothels.
    While technically it's illegal to solicit for sex in Canada, prostitution is it going on in many of these massage parlours and are appear to be tolerant.
    Caroline's investigation turned up a significant number of massage parlors in neighborhoods all over the island, with girls as young as 13 working in some of the establishments.

    Caroline details how the girls and women are recruited into the trade, who frequents these establishments, and what are police – or anybody else - are doing about them.
    Tune in to CTV Montreal Monday and Tuesday at 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. to watch this special report.
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    If it is true that girls as young as 13 (which sounds really gross) are engaging in prostitution in massage parlors, then prostitution should be made legal, including in incalls, and licensed by the government. Then if an agency owner is caught fraudently employing an underaged unlicensed girl, the owner should be subject to a long prison sentence. It would be so easy to safely license workers, accurately check their age, and provide a cross-check of who is working where. The system could be made fool proof if the agency is acting legally and honestly.

    I have no stomach for kids working in this type of work.

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    There are now 3 threads on this subject. In addition to this thread, the subject is also discussed here:

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