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Thread: Human Trafficking in Vancouver

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    Human Trafficking in Vancouver

    From the CBC, this story seems to be slowly heading east:

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    This is not surprising to me at all. The number of Asian Nationals has been increasing (anecotally speaking) as a partial function of valuation in currency and the slowing growth of the Asian Tigers. Human trafficing of this sort is common in these areas (again mostly anecotal--i.e. I see media programing, etc..), so I would actually be surprised if this was not the trend.

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    More details. Ethnic backgrounds of suspects are not overtly stated in Canadian reporting. The title of the investigation included a Farsi expression:

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    Facinating!! Now I'm a litle surprised. Doesn't seem to fit. It's not even Springtime in Canada.

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    Vancouver Police Department

    The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) seems to be leading the investigation to date. Usually west of Ontario the RCMP would be involved in inter-provincial matters.

    In this regard the claim that it is only the second case of human trafficking involving the (VPD) must be viewed in context.

    It will be interesting to see what other details are released in the future and at the scheduled hearings.
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