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```` Montreal`s Best InCalls Lezbo Style ````

[SIZE=``6``]Downtown [COLOR=``#0000CD``]InCalls [/COLOR]Thursday !!![/SIZE]

[SIZE=``5``]Exclusive to ...
The [COLOR=``green``]M[/COLOR].ontreal [COLOR=``green``]E[/COLOR].scort [COLOR=``green``]R[/COLOR].eview [COLOR=``green``]B[/COLOR].oard [/SIZE] !!!
[SIZE=``5``]The [COLOR=``#FF0000``]T[/COLOR].oronto [COLOR=``#FF0000``]E[/COLOR].scort [COLOR=``#FF0000``]R[/COLOR].eview [COLOR=``#FF0000``]B[/COLOR].oard [/SIZE] !!!
These are the [COLOR=``magenta``]VIPs[/COLOR] available from 11am to 11pm !!!
Enjoy Full GFE [COLOR=``magenta``]Ménage à Trois [/COLOR] SerVices !!!
at Special Rates with [COLOR=``magenta``]Marie-Ève & Abby [/COLOR] !!!
Take a look and see yourself being Swallowed by these lovely [COLOR=``magenta``]GFE`s [/COLOR]!!!

[COLOR=``magenta``]ABBY [/COLOR] Take a look !!!
[COLOR=``magenta``]Marie-Ève [/COLOR] Take a look !!!

The [COLOR=``magenta``]Lezbo Duo`s[/COLOR] GFE serVices :
GFE, , DFK, MSOG, MPOS, DATY, COB, Russian, Couples, Lezbo Duo`s.
Enjoy both Ladies at these special Donations :
The [COLOR=``magenta``]Lezbo Duo[/COLOR] 1 hour $260
The [COLOR=``magenta``]Lezbo Duo[/COLOR] 2 hours $500
Note :
All Extra Services must be discussed First with myself and these are :
Domination & Fetish , Water Sports Givin` , Swallowin` and Anal SeX !

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[COLOR=``magenta``]Nadya[/COLOR] ,

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