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Thread: Authorities reopen probe into Natalie Wood's drowning death

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    Authorities reopen probe into Natalie Wood's drowning death

    Los Angeles (CNN) -- The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office is reopening its investigation into the death of movie star Natalie Wood, who drowned in 1981 while boating off Catalina Island near the California coast, authorities said Thursday.

    Homicide investigators are taking a new look at one of Hollywood's most enduring mysteries after they were contacted by people who claimed they had "additional information" about the drowning, the sheriff's department said in a statement.

    Authorities didn't provide further details late Thursday and said a news conference on the matter will be held Friday at 11 a.m. (2 p.m. ET).
    Last year, the actress' sister, Lana Wood, and the captain of the yacht on which Wood sailed with her husband, actor Robert Wagner, had asked the sheriff's office to reopen the case.

    On Thursday, L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy Benjamin Grubb couldn't say whether the sister and the yacht captain have prompted the renewed investigation.

    "I don't know if that's related, but that's what the press conference is about tomorrow," Grubb told CNN.

    Natalie Wood once said in a televised interview that her greatest fear was of dark seawater. On November 29, 1981, she drowned in the Pacific Ocean off the isthmus of Catalina Island.

    Wood's body was found floating in the water about a mile away from the yacht.

    According to police reports, Wood was found wearing a long nightgown, socks, and a down jacket.

    The autopsy report shows Wood had two dozen bruises on her body, including a facial abrasion on her left cheek, and bruises on her arms.

    "My sister was not a swimmer and did not know how to swim, and she would never go to another boat or to shore dressed in a nightgown and socks," said Lana Wood.

    Although the county coroner's office ruled that Wood's death was an accident, others say the case hasn't made sense.

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    Authorities reopen probe into Natalie Wood's death

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    Didn't the Captain just write a book about it and didn't it just get published. Where was he 30 years ago.

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    The guy Captain wants to retire with a few buck, that is why he is stirring the shit to see if there are any gold bars or gem stones in it.

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