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Thread: AMEX, Mastercard, Visa & Dinner's Club Settlement

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    AMEX, Mastercard, Visa & Dinner's Club Settlement

    A few years ago I mentioned here that a class action lawsuit Ross vs. American Express sought and obtained damages on behalf of a class of claimants that had incurred foreign transaction fees in a period during the 90's and early this decade. I'd made claims totaling thousands of dollars. Today I received a check for $274.35 with an explanation that the total of the claims (over 10 million or like 4% of the US Population) exceeded the amount of the settlement fund.

    But here's the good news, it seems that Mastercard, Visa & Dinners Club have settled in a separate FX Damages action. Yes, your favorite banks to hate: BOA, Chase, Citibank, HSBC are all involved. website:

    So of the $13.875 left with a potential 10 million claimants, my part is like $1.38. I'm all for ideas on how to spend my anticipated windfall....???

    Moderators, what does this have to do with hobbying? You should have seen my charge card bills for hotels, food and drink in Montreal, Toronto & London. I'm assuming many other US Hobbiests have similar charges. Damn, no charges for escorts on there though....LOL

    Those of you who did file claims, the check's in the mail!!

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    I got a postcard check in the mail today for a measly $13.00, couldn't figure out what it was for, said some lawsuit name that I don't remember, maybe this was part of it. Should have hobbied more I guess.

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    I too submitted a claim some years back but I've since changed addresses so I'm not sure if I'll receive anything. I remember sending them an actual letter with a change of address but who knows if they ever even received or acknowledged it.
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    The lawyers make more money as they send out to claimants.

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    Class action law suits are for shit! A great example what happened to Kellogg’s several years ago. The Kellogg’s company was sued because the box of corn flakes stated 20 oz (or something like this) for the contents of the cereal. The actual weight varied by 1/2 oz or something. They were taken to court by some law firm and sued for Millions $$$$$ for deceptive advertising. They paid a law firm a multi-million dollar settlement for their deceptive advertising. The consumer who filed a claim received a $0.35 coupon on their next purchase of Corn Flakes.

    The moral of the story is that most class action law suits only line the pockets of the ambulance chasing shysters and do nothing to protect the public and contribute to the economy. If these lawyers would only go out and dig ditches or plant flowers or pick up trash along the road they would be useful. All they do is create another layer of complexity and another reason not to manufacture or do business in this country.

    Occupy Law firms! Kill all the lawyers! All of em!!!!

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