There are a few new reviews from a recent week long trip but not enough for a report. Here’s some info on frequently asked Lobby questions from the current trip:

Hotels and booking: there’s little worse than booking an extended trip and getting hit with a small lobby, a shoebox-sized room, or an elevator key card restriction. I used to book with Hotwire which is luck of the draw. This trip I found an image search of lobbies using LMT is a better way to go. Using that method I booked the Meridian Versailles for a few days and the Marriot Chateau Champlain for the rest of the trip week.

The Meridian Versailles has card restrictions for the upper floors only and a very small lobby. Rooms are also quite small. The staff is super-friendly and a bit too intimate for the mission at hand. The hotel was still very popular on Sherbrooke and others had the same objective on my floor. I could hear everything else going on and would not rebook it. Internet was free.

On the flip side, the Marriott was the best. It has a huge lobby and spacious rooms with shops all over the ground floor including delis and a Starbucks. The Bonaventure metro station is underneath and accessible from inside the hotel. Internet was free. Next door is the Bell Centre on one side. On the opposite side of the Bell Centre is a large building with a skating rink and several shops and restaurants ranging from sushi and a Subway to a creperie and Ros & Lina’s (a nice restaurant). Cattie-cornered from the staking rink building is another building with a series of shops and the main train station to get to Toronto and Ottawa, convenience stores, and just about any other shop you’d want. The Marriott also has a nice restaurant on the first floor. I would stay here every trip in the future.

The small drawback of the Marriot is that it’s not on one of the main strips like St. Catherine or Sherbrooke and you have to hike a few blocks uphill to reach them. I don’t mind and like the walk. If you can get the Marriott on one of the discount sites then you’ll have a good trip.

Reviews After 40-plus since the beginning of 2011 including Toronto and the Falls, I don’t enjoy the knock at the door as much and repeated with ATF’s a lot during the week. I met locals and travelers much more this go round. Review additions were made for Roxy and Alexia of QOS and also Tara of Eleganza. Since there’s no new info on my ATF repeats, I didn’t add anything there. SP`s like Elena are still as great as they ever were.

Border Crossing Is flying across easier than driving when dealing with border agents? Definitely. The questioning was minimum. Driving across from NY, I’ve been stopped for a search and often extended questioning nearly every time. I have never been hassled flying into or out of YUL/YYZ (6 trips in 2011 alone).

Here`s a link to older trip reports to know what I liked and didn`t:

I’ll return one day and until then I’ll envy the trip reports of Muffinbuffer and others here. Happy hobbying.