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    Looking for guidance...


    I've been considering an sp for quite some time... I'm taking the leap next next weekend in Monreal. After going through thousands of posts I'm more confused than ever! One thing I have noticed is that the setup guys seem to be key to a good experience. With so many agencies having so many wonderful girls I was hoping someone on this board could point me in a particular direction. Are there any people behind the scenes which would make my first experience smoother? I would much appreciate any input you gentlemen may have. Should you be so inclined, perhaps you could pm me the name of someone who is allpro when it comes to helping you with the bookings?

    I thank you in advance for anyone who is willing to provide a little guidance to a complete noob!

    take care and I hope your all having a good time!

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    In my opinion, the bookers on the phone don't have much to do with having a good experience or not. Maybe if you ask for their advice on who is good, then some bookers are better than others. I always know who I want, so really just need the bookers to get my address right. Most of the bookers are OK to help you. You could have a very nice friendly booker like Billy at Chloe's or Martin @ Asservissante or Carroll @ Nadya's and still have a bad experience. The key to having a good time, is to get a good girl. Simple as that. How do you get a good girl? Look at a physical description or pics of a particular SP that you like and then find a review thread on her here.

    For your first time, don't see anyone who is not well reviewed. If she has multiple good reviews on MERB, you have an 80%+ chance of having a good time. So,

    1. Check who are the girls available next weekend in the escort advertisers section on MERB (same day).

    2. Go to some of their websites earlier in the week (Monday), to see if you can prebook one that you like. I would recommend this. Some prebooking agencies are: Eleganza, Chloe's, Montreal Sex City, Satin Dreamz, Nadya's VIPs, GoodGirls and Angel Escorts sometimes has prebooking a day or two in advance.

    3. Find a girl you like and look to see if she has been reviewed on MERB.

    4. If she does have good reviews, prebook or same day book her.

    5. Always keep a plan B and C ready if prebooking, as these girls cancel their shift often. Many times at the last minute.

    If you have any other questions on specific girls or agencies, feel free to PM me.

    Good luck and don't forget to to give back and review your experience.

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    Thank You! Much appreciated...

    ... I look forward to sharing the experience...

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    There are differing opinions on whether to go with an agency or an Indy for one`s first time an SP. I happen to believe that you are better off selecting an Indy with a reputation for being good with first timers - for example K.I.M.

    I would also suggest you read some of the other threads on this subject, if you have not already done so:

    "Entry level hobbyist seeking advice from veterans"

    "Will be my First time"

    "First time with an SP , please help"

    "My First Time with an Sp"

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    Quote Originally Posted by nova1974 View Post
    After going through thousands of posts I'm more confused than ever! One thing I have noticed is that the setup guys seem to be key to a good experience. With so many agencies having so many wonderful girls I was hoping someone on this board could point me in a particular direction.
    Simplest answer is Martin at Asservissante. I've used the agency for years and have found him 100% helpful, friendly and (most important) reliable. The girls show up on time, they look like their pictures and they dress like students instead of hookers.

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    for your first, just dive in!

    sure you could get a great booker who gives you exactly what you asked for... but perhaps what you think u want isn't what you should have as a 1st encounter in the hobby.

    if your goal is to hobby, who you call and which sp you see might be totally different than if you just want the occasional porn experience.

    early in my hobbying, Eleganza (John) helped me out ... not be being a nice guy, but by being a straight shooter who's to the point, delivered what he said he could without sky-high promises or a big sales pitch.

    have fun and hope to see a review from you shortly.

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    Hello nova,
    Everyone is giving good advice. I'd include familiarizing yourself with the MERB's rules. As far as agencys, I'd recommend Chloes/CandyShop, Asservissante, Eleganza. Tell them your particular situation, I'm sure they will steer you in the right direction. Read as many reviews and make your choices. Remember that a good experience depends on you as well as the escort who comes to see you. Always remember YMMV. Happy Hobbying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetwater View Post
    Remember that a good experience depends on you as well as the escort who comes to see you. Always remember YMMV.
    Sweetwater's point is very important! The ladies will generally respond to a gentleman more than a bum. Shower right before the lady arrives, or if an incall, shower when you arrive. And scrub! Especially the bits that you expect to be attended to. Shave. Brush your teeth ahead of time, and use mouthwash. And "manscape"!

    If the lady is coming to you, have bottled water, and maybe a bottle of wine... unopened of course. I often have a little platter of fruit and cheese out. Taking a few minutes to relax with her, chat and perhaps have a drink, will pay off in spades IMHO.

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    Much good advice here, but I'll weigh in as well. Your first experience should be with an experienced SP, one who knows all situations well. I'd recommend Maria Divina or, if she's indeed returned to the fold as her recently re-opened review thread suggests, Sarah Bernard. You can find ways to contact each right here on merb.
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    I found that I would be willing to take a chance with unreviewed girls from the top agencies. So I am more concerned with the service of the overall agency. Call and see who is avaiable. Check out their pictures and comments (GFE, PSE, or YMMV) and pick from there. If it is with GOF, Asservissante, Eleganza, Xxxtase, Devilish and some of the others that are reputable, the chnaces you will have a good time. I just wanted to mention this. The reputable agencies take this serious and I believe they want your repeat business.

    There used to be a thread with all kinds of advice of how to prepare for your session with much common sense advice but i think it has been archived now. I remember there were some nuggets there. I will list a few things that I do to ensure I get good service.

    1. Shower/bath 1 hour before date
    2. Trim nails and toe nails
    3. Do not eat anything heavy (or stinky ) that after the session.
    4. Have a sealed bottle of wine and wine glasses ready. I love it when a SP drinks with me
    5. Shave your pubes before you go on campaign....(when I am going out of town I prepare by shaving all the hair off my bodini - I get better BJs - do not do this an hour before the date however)
    6. hungry's secret - use some sented body lotion on your penis - this masks any foul odor on your penis = better blow jobs.
    7. Bring a bottle of mouth wash and you and her should gargle prior to the act.
    8. No flossing just prior to the date and be careful with close shaving and hard brushing. This could cause you to bleed and put you both at risk
    9. I enjoy myself more if i take a cialis that morning or a viagra prior to the date...Your paying 200$ for a date why not 4$ for a hit of Cialis.
    10. answer the door looking your best and your cleanest. Impeccable hygiene will get you better service.
    11. Let her come in and sit down and warm up to you. Poor her a glass of wine and make her fel comfortable first.
    12. Lingerie Fantasies- I enjoy black thigh high stockings with a lacy top on a SP. do not expect her to show up with them on out of the blue. Your best bet is to bring them and give them as a gift. Call ahead and ask agencies but I have had moderate luck with this type of request. Another option is to hire an indy and request that she where what she had on in the picture.
    13. Pay the going rate (~$180) - Know what it is and pay it. Do not attempt to find too much of a bargin. most times you end up disappointed and wishing you had spent the extra 40$. If a reputable agency has a girl on special she is slow mover but this may be worth the risk. Stay away from Announce 1-2-3 and back page etc. If the deal sounds too good to be true it probably is.
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    Thank you everyone for all your help! It is very much appreciated!

    take care!

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    Nova, help us a little in order to help you. What age and race are you liking to meet? What size and shape? And what expectations for the encounter do you have as well. Most of the above have offered some good info. Check your pm's.

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