Hey Guys,

Tonight is finally the GT!! All invites have been sent out to those that requested them with time & location. Hope to see you all there, so both you & the girls can get to know each other on a more personal level.

As for the schedule for Tonight.. Some girls will be working after the GT is over so, let's say starting around 11:30pm.

For GOF so far

Well she's back gentlemen. The one & only Electra.For those of you that dont know this Hottie, she is...
21 years old with Blond Hair & Brown Eyes. She is 5'2, 110lbs with a 36DD(N). She is starting at 1130pm Tonight. For personal for the moment she doesnt want pictures up.



Marie Eve



And we will continue to add once we receive more confirmations

Hope you all have a nice evening, phone lines wil be answered all night.

The GOF/Devilish Team