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Thread: STD's - anybody ever catch anything?

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    STD's - anybody ever catch anything?

    Just curious - I DON`T WANT NAMES - did anybody ever catch an STD - that they we pretty sure they caught from a SP? How ? What `precautions` did you use? Did you , DATY ? I`ve never caught anything but I worry.

    Phil `wrap that rascal` Collins

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    Omer, does the attendant have on a rubber glove for the hj...or you a condom?? Do you really know where that hand has been?? Guy right before you might have been MR SP and passed along something to her hand that just didnt get enough of that anitbacterial soap.

    Maybe you should just get a body condom for both of you like in the naked gun movie

    Nothing is ever guarenteed. Its almost a given the massage room is very dim, least when seeing an SP your in a nicely lit room to check for any telltale signs.

    Just face the fact that your taking a risk anytime littleomer pops his head out....its the name of the game.

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    You need to masturbate more often, that way you will eliminate the risk. If you think HJ is no risk you really are living in a naive daydream.

    Crawl under your bed and masturbate, don't see any girls (girlfriends especially are more dangerous than SPS), wear the Michael Jackson surgical mask, and have oxygen pumped into your room. You will be safe. You won't be living, but you'll be safe. Or you can make like the boy in the plastic bubble. No diseases for you, but no life either.

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    And then there's always the choice of the inflatable 'friend'.....then again who knows where her hands have been

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    the real doll

    I remember when HOWARD STERN was arround he had a real doll over for Jackie the Jokeman Martiln

    Good idea


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    Thanks for hijacking the post - seroulsy has anybody ever caught anything from a masseuse?

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    I have had a speech pathologist analyze the posts of Phil Collins and it can be confirmed that Phil Collins is the poster formerly known as Bob Crane.

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    eb re bob crane

    sorry eb ,
    bob always used spell check. (see above serously)
    so have your speech therapist reexamine.
    also if you have all those old bob crane posts hidden on your hard drive
    which you gave to the speech impediment to analyze
    please either post them here or send them to me.
    damn! so much entertainment lost.


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    I highly doubt Phil Collins is Bob Crane... different writing styles. Very different. Phil is simply not as eloquent, nor creative with words. The only similarity is that they both write long posts. Why do you suspect they are the same person?

    Bob Crane may or may not have asked for freebies in return for good reviews, however I know the review you he did on our session together was pretty accurate and yes he did pay, in full, no discounts other than the special I was running at the time. It was also my first review and for that I am very grateful. (If anybody kept a copy I would LOVE to have one myself... boy do I wish he did not delete all his posts and threads!)

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    "Knowing" bob, if he were still around, he'd tell us. Bob has left the forum because, as he already told us, he had to leave Montreal for professional reasons. I just hope that once "bob" will have become famous, earning the big bucks as a writer on the Letterman show for example, he'll eventually send Merbites a little wink by telling us who he really is.

    female'' je me souviendrai de bob" luver

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