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Thread: best of escorts 2011

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    montreal and quebec

    best of escorts 2011

    best bj kim indy

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    montreal or costa rica baby
    best face,body,and service - neva
    best all around classic that gets better with time, and goes out of her way to make you come back if she appreciates you- vicky vix
    best sweetheart (sweet girl) miss veronika.
    the wildest fuck once she knows you...but is more reserved at first....- emma
    best ass....tbc
    best face..tbc
    best bj...tbc
    best cif/golden shower(in her face)...- vandal vyxen (that isnt fair because she isnt a public sp..but its true)..i might link my tube up soon, but thats another thread.
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    Great thread! Bon temps pour un Bilan de l`année!

    Je n`ai malheureusement pas eu l`occasion de rencontrer Neva et Emma. Une fois j`ai voulu booker Neva, mais je n`ai pas réussi à ce moment, Tjrs très occupée cette demoiselle. J`avais réussi à booker Emma début septembre, mais elle a annulé... Ce n`est que partie remise.

    J`ai fait plusieurs rencontres d`indy ici et là... plusieurs jeunes filles... quelques mauvaises expériences...

    Voici mes rencontres que j`ai le plus appréciées.

    1- Isha: Review ICI, Best sweetheart for me. Seul défaut, elle fume. À part ça, le sexe est excellent et la conversation est top, cultivé, intelligente, douce. Très beau visage exotique. C`est un privilège de la rencontrer. Je l`ai rencontré 3 fois.

    2- Mika: Review: Son thread semble avoir encore disparu crime. La plus jeune sans doute que j`ai rencontré et le meilleur rapport qualité/prix. Elle est jeune et portée sur la boisson et drogues légères et les partys et sorties dans les bars etc... Mais j`ai adoré (et je l`adore encore) cette très belle latina. Donne un TCIM mémorable. Service inégal selon son état Mais d`une grande gentillesse. Ne dit jamais non. Très Attachante. J`ai dû la voir 8 à 12 fois...

    3- Selena: Review ICI. On ne la voit plus J`ai tout de même eu le temps de répéter 3-4 fois avec elle. Donne un service full GFE et n`est pas mécanique du tout. Grande gentillesse et belle personalité et s`exprime particulièrement bien et clairement. Son gros 32 ou 34 C me faisait bander instantannément. Cette petite fille a un body qui se rapproche de mon idéal.

    4- Star: Review ICI. Tout a déjà été dit sur son long thread. Je ne l`ai vu qu`une seule fois. Pas facile à booker... Elle se démarque par sa gentillesse et son enthousiasme.

    Quelques autres SP que j`ai particulièreme aimé rencontré: Sabrina de Goodgirls (3-4 fois), Crystale asian chez Tony (1 fois). Lilyuss pis son incroyable , Aliyah que plusieurs placerait en 1ere position. Moi je l`ai rencotré une seule fois et j`ai bien aimé mais je ne suis pas trop dans les squirters intenses, en dehors de sa bulle, un peu arogante, mais un fois dans sa bulle, session mémorable faut admettre.

    Je vous souhaite à tous un très joyeux temps des fêtes!

    Uncle Bob.

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    the last of the mohicans
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    montreal or costa rica baby
    merci mon oncle bob..your taste in women is great in my book. i met mika because of you, and it was before her price jumps..
    she wouldnt make any list of mine because she has to be the most un-reliable sp in the history of sp's ive met, or even heard about...but hey, i cant deny that the encounter with her was fantastic.
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    1) Jen from Candyshop - we just clicked
    2) Jasmine from Candyshop - triple wild, yet we had a very deep and mature conversation
    3) Leah from Eleganza - just a doll

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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleBob View Post
    1- Isha: Review ICI, Très beau visage exotique. .
    D`accord avec toi, UncleBob. C`est rare ce type de jolie visage exotique à ce hobby.
    Très hate de la revoir en 2012, et ce autant que possible!

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    1. Mora More
    2. Amelie FKS
    3. Laurence Dior

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    TOP 10 BEST SPs FOR 2011

    In no particular order:

    1. Daryn (Eleganza)- Repeated 4 times, I have not seen anyone else more than twice. Probably the most enthusiastic/geisha type SP. The SP who cares about the money the least of them all.

    2. Alysson (Angel Escorts) - Very pretty face, smoking curvy body, sweet personality and enthusiastic. Only LFK, if I remember right, keeps her from being on top

    3. Jasmine (Chloe`s)- Best PSE ride of the year for me. Facial and the craziest DT around. Very intense sex.

    4. Chloe Milan (Indy)- Maybe the prettiest SP of the year. Could very well be the best all-around girl. Awesome kissing, great enthusiasm, super face/body, really smart.

    5. Neva (Nadya`s)- Super sweet, really horny and enthusiastic. Super spinner.

    6. Fiona (Nadya`s)- Along with Chloe Milan, the girl I had the most real life crush on this year. Super cute, super charming, super tight. The best body I`ve seen all year?

    7. Catherine (Satin Dreamz)- Best MILF of 2011. Super spinner. Insane DFK. Very energetic, sexual, horny MILF. One of the few that can get MSOG out of me in 1 hour.

    8. Elena (Montreal Lust)- Not the best looking, but the sweetest most innocent, kind vibe of all the SPs of 2011. She just gets lost in the sex. wonderful session.

    9. Beverly (XXXtase) - Extreme GFE. One of the best Kissers around. Very sensual. She doesn`t work often. When she does, she gives herself fully to her clients

    10. Juicy (Eleganza)- Such a shame she wasn`t serious and is gone. Really hot girl. One of the hottest of the year. Perfect body and oh so horny and enthusiastic. She loves sex! Maybe she will return?

    5 honorable mentions:

    1. Jenna (Chloe`s) - Not the best looking, but maybe the most energetic PSE session I`ve had. She`s a sex machine.

    2. Judy (Angel Escorts)- Very young and pretty. Her sweetness melts you. Such great kissing and GFE feeling.

    3. Emma (Indy)- Great girl. Very confident and sexy attitude. Loves to talk dirty. Maybe the best CG/RCG I`ve had. Only CBJ though. Will repeat soon.

    4. Cindy (Nadya`s)- Is a young MILF (mid 30s). Really hot. A true nympho. Loves sex as much as any girl I`ve seen. Great enthusiasm and also one of the top CG/RCG SPs. Maybe my biggest pleasant surprise.

    5. Lucky (Eleganza)- With Chloe and Beverly, maybe the best DFK of 2011. GND looks, average, but really great FS. One of the few SPs that impressed me with their intelligence.

    One last shout out for K.I.M. ( Indy)- Top 2 of the year. Smoking curves. A little business like for my taste, but because she`s Kim and because of her she sneaks out the last mention.

    It`s possible I left out someone who deserves to be on this list, as I wrote it up fairly quickly. If I realize that I have, I will add to it.

    ***Mods, I have written a review to every girl on this list. If I need to attach, Please let me know.****

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    1. Stacy (Angel Escorts)- Attractive girl with great body. Very nice kissing and GFE experience.

    2. Leyla (XXXtase)- Late 20s. Really pretty and enthusiastic. Underrated. Only problem is the LFK.

    3. Star (Indy)- PSE, crazy energetic sex machine. Super hot body. Wild girl. One of my few Anal experiences this year. Over does it a little, but a hell of a ride.

    4. Marilyn Minx + Molly (Chloe`s)- Similar super enthusiastic services. Great s. Full blown GFE sex. Unfortuneately, I found both their looks below average.

    5. Naomie (Montreal Sex City)- Just like MM and Molly, awesome GFE/PSE service. For me, one of the craziest PSE of the year. I just wasn`t overly attracted to her.

    6. Fantasia (Montreal Sex City)- Great GFE service. GND cute girl. Very passionate and sensual. Should be on the first list.

    7. Ava (Annonces123)- Great value at $140 I believe, anal included. Very involved and passionate. Attractive and very sexual. Squirts.

    8. Bianka (Eleganza)- Attractive, young girl. Great . Tries hard to please. Great to talk to.

    9. Tara (Eleganza)- Loved her voluptuous body. She is built for sex. I saw her on like her first day, so the service wasn`t top notch yet.

    10. Leah (Eleganza)- Top 5 prettiest SPs for me. Amazing body. Not very GFE in attitude. After working as an SP for so long, she`s all business, but still gives a nice and good service. She`s also really tight, which is surprising.

    One last shout out to Allyson (Girls On Fire)- Along with KIM best of the year.

    *** I also have reviews to all these girls. Mods, don`t make me link them all lol***

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    Only 27 names, man apart??? C'mon, boy, you're holding out on us. Where's the rest of the list?

    I'm afraid that I can't begin to match manapart's 27 favorite girls of the year, but I do have a few, so here goes, in no particular order.

    1. Maxime - Indy
    2. Marilyn Minx
    3. Kellianne- Chloe's/Candyshop
    4. The incomparable Sarah Bernard
    5. Sophie - Asservissante - now retired
    6. Aurélie - Our Affair
    7. Elena - Montreal Lust
    8. Fanny - Devilish
    9. Kelly - Asservissante

    I take that back, the no particular order part. There is one, just one that leads the way. While I totally adore all of the aforementioned, there is one, and one only, for whom I'd fly 4,000 KM to spend a few days with...and that is Daria, from FKK World.
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    Here are my favorites of 2011. Not necessarily in any particular order, but if Jamie had kept working, there would be a shorter list.
    1. Hunnysnak/Jamie- Currently not working- Retired?
    2. Naomie- now at MSC
    3. Jenna- CandyShop/Chloes
    4. Daryn- Eleganza
    5. Melodie- Asservissante
    6. Marilyn Minx- CandyShop/Chloes
    7. Stacey- CandyShop/Chloes

    I hope to repeat with all of them.

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