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Thread: New Here.....

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    New Here.....

    Hello Everyone....And Happy Holidays!

    I am new on this board and wanted to say hi! I am on Perb and yes also from the West Coast.

    I will be driving across Canada this summer and wanted to see if there is much of a market for English speaking only escorts?

    Any tips welcome!

    Yours Truly,

    Ms. Emily Marie

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    Welcome Emily-Marie. Of course there is a market for a beautiful woman such as yourself in Montreal. Nice website and great pics Btw, what kind of dog do you have? Hopefully a small one since you travel with him/her. Welcome to merb and Happy Hollidays!

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    Yes, Emily-Marie, Igna69xxx is correct. There is a market for English only escorts. Certainly for a lady with looks like yours. There are a few English only escorts with agencies now and they have little problem, to the best of my knowledge. I don't speak any French, as do a lot of other Merbites, so I think you will fit right in. Conversing is a benefit to the meeting, but isn't absolutely necessary, for the most part. I certainly don't see a problem.
    I'm from Western USA, and get to Nanaimo now and then, but haven't been to Victoria in a long time. Welcome to MERB, and drive safely.
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