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Thread: Best Agency of the Year for 2011

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    Best Agency of the Year for 2011

    Hello all,

    It looks like it's time for the annual polls. So which agency was the best in service and satisfaction for 2011?

    Please nominate as many as three agencies.

    The 10 with the most nominations up to January 21 will face a runoff public vote.

    I nominate:

    Angel Escorts - One experience with them but their performance was grade A.

    Montreal Lust - I continue to be very impressed with their promptness, service, responsiveness, and flexibility.

    Montreal XXXTASE - They have always been a generally solid agency with good service and fine ladies, while also having great patience with uncertain conditions.

    NOTE: Please try to be clear between nominating Angel Escorts and Montreal Angels, or any agencies with similar names.



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    Montreal Lust

    Montreal Sex City

    Satin Dreamz
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    Without a doubt the two agencies that come to mind would be Angel Escorts and Eleganza.

    Angel Escorts went out of their way to accomodate me on several occasions, great customer service.

    Eleganza by far IMHO is the only agency that is still actively recruiting new girls instead of just hiring old worn out sp's from other agencies. Eleganza has maintained the level of quality and new talent that I have come to expect from Montreal when I started coming up north several years ago. Keep up the good work John.


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    I would nominate, or second the above nominations for...

    1. Eleganza
    2. Montreal Lust
    3. Satin Dreamz

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    2-develish and mgof
    3-montreal angels

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    My nominees are:

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    1. eleganza 2. angel escorts 3. xxxtase

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    I name Asservissante for inventiveness as well friendly and I will call it very humane service.

    I called two times one week apart and asked for the same girl and Martin sent me two different ones claiming the same name! Both were excellent however! Thank you Martin!

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    1) Candyshop
    2) Eleganza
    3) Asservissante

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    Candyshop/Chloe's: Billy is very accomodating to my needs and quirks. Great selection of GFE ladies in the Candyshop.
    Eleganza: Great young GFE ladies
    Satin Dreamz: Great mature GFE ladies. Peter is very client oriented.

    Not sure if Montreal Lust is an agency if it only has one escort in their stable. Just my opinion.

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    candyshop hands down, girls actually on time and tracy for 160! y go anywhere else???

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    1. Asservissante
    2. Candyshop
    3. Satin Dreamz
    Mike 279

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    1-candy shop 2- satin dreamz 3- angels

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    Picking only 3 among 10 good agencies is hard but....
    Picking number one is easy!!
    Asservissante for being the most reliable and easiest to deal with. Girls are in the top 4 among all agencies
    Number 2 goes to Candy/Chloe for having the most nymphos of any agency in Montreal and being innovators and a leading edge agency.
    Number 3 is Angel Escorts because Tony always delivers.

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