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Thread: Colored bracelets for FS, BJ, or HJ?

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    Colored bracelets for FS, BJ, or HJ?

    I was told by a independant MP that at some of the massage salons around Montreal have started to use colored bracelets as a coded message to indicate what additional services are offered on top of the massage.
    In the last few months I have seen on television where young teen age girls were wearing colored elastic bracelets to indicate what sexual activities they might be available for, I guess the MPs have adopted this method for themselves.
    This MP heard this info second hand and passed it on to me third hand, so it is a little vauge to me. I can only guess that this method is used so that there is no "communication" of offering sexual services. Has anyone else heard this? Can anyone tell me what the different colored elastic bracelets indicate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee
    Here is one that should be added:

    Silver Bracelet each arm, joined with silver chain link... means... no sex, I've just propositioned an undercover cop
    That's funny Dee!!
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