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    Best surprise flash

    I was just at yoga. Obviously the girls all have GREAT bodies, but I try not to be creepy and keep my eyes off them. That's not what anybody's there for, if I wanted an eyeful I'd go to a strip club where I'm not offending anyone. But today this tiny chick right in front of me had the best body ever - athletic yet curvy, with a great, great, great ass.

    AND... she was wearing a baggy, low-cut black shirt with NO BRA underneath! And she kept lifting it up to mop at her forehead as she got sweaty, giving me a full view of everything. (She had REALLY NICE C-cup tits with pointy little nipples.) At first I figured she just forgot her bra and was making do with street clothes, but then I realize - she had a towel, so why wouldn't she use that to wipe herself down unless she WANTED to flash me?

    So thanks, yoga exhibitionist, for making my workout a lot more fun! I had a hard time not getting a hard-on in the shower thinking about you - that would've been embarassing!

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    Hopefully you were not wearing tight shorts or pants. Now that would be embarassing!

    I see yoga girls all the time at the gym and I try not to look but some of them have the tightest bodies around you just can't help but look!
    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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    I know better than that!

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    looking should be fine. as long as youre not fucking them with your eyes.

    yoga's great but really distracting for guys watching women stretch and flex in slo-mo.

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    Right place at the right time. I was walking up St. Denis Street this fall, the street has a lot of spiral outside stair cases. I saw a really nice looking woman walking towards me. Before she got to where I was, she went up a stair case. I looked up and could see that she had no panties on under her skirt. She looked down on me with a grin on her face. Lucky me.

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    Was that spinner babe blond !?!?!
    That might be an explanation to your sight.


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    Back in college, I was just leaving class when a girl down the row from me stood up and slung her backpack over her shoulder, snagging her sundress on a buckle in the process and exposing one of the most phenomenal pantyless asses I've ever seen. She was headed in the direction of my dorm, so I followed along, admiring the view. She passed my dorm and even though I knew I was crossing the line from admirer to creepy stalker, I kept following. That ass was seriously hypnotizing. I trudged along behind her half-way across campus before she reached her dorm and went inside. Not having any valid reason to continue in after her, I shuffled around uncertainly for a second before turning around to head back to my room...only to discover the pack of about a dozen guys behind me who were also shuffling around uncertainly. There was some awkward chuckling amongst us, and we rapidly dispersed.

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