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Thread: Sports Forum Suspended Members

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    Sports Forum Suspended Members

    As it seems that most members are in favor of my proposition, this post is the beginning of the list of members banned from posting in the Sports threads. We will try this out to see how it works and if modifications are needed to the idea, we will work on them as we go along. Any suggestions can be posted in the poll thread I created on this topic.

    Future Sports suspensions will be posted in this thread only and the suspended member will be notified by PM. I will also modify the suspended member's signature to add a note listing the suspension so that all members can see that the member is not permitted to post in the Sports Forum. Any member serving a sports suspension who is found to be posting in a sports thread will have their suspension converted into a standard suspension and the length of suspension will be doubled.


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    I had suspended both Lovemaker and Merlot due to posts in the Official Hockey thread as I did not yet get around to creating this thread. They were both originally suspended for 1 week. As I had not started this thread yet and as a result suspended them entirely from MERB, I feel that a full suspension counts for double time served nd both their suspensions have been lifted and they are once again free to post.

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    Both Doc Holiday and Merlot are banned from all sports threads for the remainder of the first round of the NHL playoffs. Any complaints regarding this suspension, either by PM or on the board, will result in this suspension being transferred to a full suspension for the same period of time.

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    EDIT: As you have served your suspensions without complaint, I am lifting them early. You are both free to post in the Sports threads as of now.

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