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Thread: Halifax????

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    Question Halifax????

    I'm heading to Halifax for a weekend soon and was wondering if anyone has any hidden gems there? There are no websites (other then Sydney Banks....which looks are very misleading in the photos)or review boards for anywhere in the Maritimes....but someone must know a few good one's in Halifax.
    I would rather head to Montreal but cheaper to Halifax for a quick weekend Casino getaway.
    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Sydney Banks is the only SP I've ever seen advertised in the Halifax area.

    The only incall massage/sp service place I know is just across the bridge in Dartmouth. I believe it's called the Gentleman's Club.

    It's been a while.

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    Halifax SPs

    I go to Halifax on a regular basis.

    There is not much Web ads for SPs in the Halifax region. I've tried Sydney Banks once, she's indeed very much deceiving from her web photos and e-mail exchanges. Average look (slim though), nice conversation but service is not great. I would not repeat. The only other Web ad I'm aware is from an agency offering girls throughout the Maritimes and Quebec Lower St-Lawrence area. I contacted them in a few occasions but they did'nt have anybody on hand in the Halifax area.

    To satisfy my hobby in Halifax, I pick the local newspaper when I get there. There's typically a dozen postings in the classified ads section. I had fair encounters but quality is highly variable. If someone know a reputable agency or independent, I surely want to know about it.

    Lion Heart

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    Takes some research but there are some wonderful SPs down east. Send me a message if you want more info...

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    there is an agency in Dartmout thats been there for about 15 years. Park Avenue is located in a discreet area and open late. The quality and service varies. Number should be in the local paper.

    Hope that helps

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    Any new reports from down east lately?

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    1 SOG policy in Maritimes


    I had encounters with 2 escorts in the Maritimes. The first one was in St-John. After paying my $120.00, the only thing that I got to have was a CBJ and to see her tits. She stayed in her jeans. That's not a repeat for sure.

    I found a gem in Halifax. Her name is Michele and saw her 3 times. I had a great experience with her. However, she told me that in the martimes, most escort only permit 1 SOG. That was an accurate measurement of my experiences over there.

    She has unfortunately left the business and no longer available. Her cell phone was disconnected.

    There are always ads in the paper over there. They call it Business Personals. This is a definitive trial and error kind of thing.

    I believe that the good people of Merb and Terb should open something targeting the Atlantic.


    Lone Rider

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    You're right about the lack of Atlantic info. It's already hit and miss out here, it would be useful to at least have some basic info on the good agencys vs the ripoffs.

    I'll be in Moncton in a couple of weeks, I haven't been there for 2 years. There was one agency I had good experiences with (Dreamweaver) but they're long gone. I don't even know if the GMC is still open; I know there was LE raids in both GMC and Finesse last November or so, and have no idea what came of that.

    Any info would be appreciated.

    The grey wolf

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    Moncton and Halifax

    Gentlemans is in Moncton and Halifax. Always a selection of girls.

    Also Finesse in Moncton:

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    Halifax: Park Avenue

    Based on a TERB-ite's recommendation, I called Park Avenue for the first time on Sunday around 6 o’clock. The female telephone receptionist was quite pleasant to speak with. They had three girls available that evening. I chose a 5’8” blue-eyed blonde 23 year old name Katrina.

    She turned up exactly on time at 8 pm. It turned out she was definitely heavy: about 140 or maybe more. Her face disconcertingly reminded me of the Canadian CBC comedienne Bette MacDonald. I wondered how this was going to turn out, but as the fee was only $140 with no extra transportation fee for the Halifax outcall, I wasn’t unduly concerned. Actually, as it turned out, she was interesting to talk to once I made her a nice large glass of Bailey’s Cream. Having run away from home at 14 she had quite a few adventures to relay. All in all it was interesting insight into the sex-trade away from Montreal my chief stomping grounds for the hobby.

    The half-and-half all-safe sex was skillful and satisfactory. I wasn’t looking for “extra’s” with her, so I was content. I should have asked the receptionist at Park Avenue more questions – my fault. Would I repeat? Not with Katrina, but I might call Park Avenue again. It was an interesting, satisfying experience, but only as a once in a lifetime thing.


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    finesse is closed foxys is expanding

    Quote Originally Posted by raver
    Visited Finesse club back in June. Nice facility, clean, friendly reception. They paraded 2 girls in front of me and gave me all of 3 seconds to look at each and choose. I chose the slender one whose name I forget, was probably fake anyway so does it matter what her name was? The girl was pleasant, but I had to negotiate for each and every service, which I find distracting to say the least. Full service would have cost me more than in Montreal for what amounted to inferior service, so I settled for the basic and called it a day.

    I guess I would go back if I am ever happen to be in Moncton again, but I sure wouldn't go out of my way.
    I was a client of finesse of finesse from thier first day open till the end.they are closed because of poor business decisions. thier rate was for full service and a massage. you where ripped off man.
    Foxy's Paradise is openning in fredericton in december perhaps you will enjoy them better

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    While Surfing the net , well Ok on the Perb board, I was sent to a link, and noticed this SP in Halifax, and figured I would share the info.

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    Erica in Halifax

    Yes thaat web link is Erica. She is a very friendly lady and offers good service. Offers fantasy fulfillment as well.

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    Details Please

    Dear Rascal,

    could you please provide details on her? I would appreciate a review on her.


    Lone Rider

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    Yes--details please....

    I second Lone Rider's request--have seen her listings on a couple of sites and wondered about her. Any details would be much appreciated, Rascal, or anyone else.....Thanks!

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