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Thread: I'm Staying Away From Mtl. est

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    I TOFTT & tried this last week just about every sp in the east of mtl, all I can say is stay away, last night was the finale, Viau&Notre Dame (waif-midget) should have walked away not my type at all. Tried the ones in Anjou melissa, nicky on des Ormeaux & I felt worse after the encounter than before I went in, avoid at all costs the bbw on ann 123 no pics ends in 5909 Italian St.Hubert& Jarry. All this because my favorites were all booked. From now on I'm gonna wait until the sp that I want to see is available rather than calling any sp that is available.

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    It sound like you went to a few places where service is on/off and not available every day. The here today, gone tomorrow places will give you crappy service because they do not care.

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    yes, but it also sounds like dreamer has a bag full of stories to share at the next party or boy weekend!

    wow! kudos to you for exploring the east end!!!

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