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Thread: TDL lists...!

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    Exclamation TDL lists...!

    Let's get this going!

    I searched the boards and found some sporatic posts of to do lists... Why not start a thread and combine, share, exchange and maybe give input and suggestions!

    It could range any service provider: massage, incall, outcall, indy, streets....whatever you fancy!

    So with that said my TDL list in the near future;

    Prade and Nika from eleganza - I'm drooling over the pictures! As soon as substantial cash comes in, I'm considering!
    Kim from Laval - After all the hype, gotta find out about it!
    Anna from Laval - Saw her last week and it was the nicest spinner shag ever! This girl doesn't let up! Her body is haunting me!
    *Nadya VIP - Any of these gorgeous girls. HDH girls are an issue, always have to wait for the cha-ching to come in to even consider!
    YPG Spa - Definitely need another relaxing time with Valerie and Jasmine. Valerie is all out fun and very good masseuse and Jasmine makes me want more middle eastern candy.
    Nuru mp on Drummond - I'd love to just try the slipppery experience. Looks like fun!
    Penthouse - Even with mixed reviews, I'd love to try Katrina or Lexi in the pimped up suite.

    Anyone else like to add?

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    I really thought this thread was gonna take off!
    Did I post it in the wrong place??? Maybe in escort 411???

    Anyways, Mods let me know where this should go...


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    Fun n games til some1...
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    don`t let it get you down, everyone`s always curious about other people`s TDL`s ... it`s likely because there was a list not too long ago started by GuitarPlaya you we didnt reply to your thread...

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